December 17, 2002

SAILING: OneWorld sets up all-US semi-final repechage with Oracle BMW Racing in Louis Vuitton Cup.: OneWorld defeated defending LV Cup champions Prada 3-2 to move into the repechage round against Oracle BMW. Apparently, it didn't matter that OneWorld should've won four (or five. These crazy sailing rules have lost me.). Due to cancellations caused by bad weather, Prada basically ran out of time to mount a challenge. Meanwhile, Oracle BMW lost their earlier semi-final series to Alinghi but get this second chance because they were in the winner's bracket (see, I told you the rules are crazy). Anyway, if Oracle win this East Coast-West Coast repechage, they move on into the final, where they will meet ... Alinghi. (Did I say these rules were crazy?) Winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup gets to challenge Team New Zealand in the America's Cup next February.

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CORRECTION: This is an all-West Coast repechage. OneWorld is sponsored by Seattle Yacht Club, while Oracle BMW is sponsored by the Golden Gate Yacht Club (San Francisco, if it isn't obvious).

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I appreciate the sailing posts... I can't really get too enthused about it as i don't have the money to buy a fucking sailboat so its difficult to relate... But if i had the cash...believe me, i would be out there sailing, and i would know ALL about the best boats, competitions, etc.

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Really? Why, I should fly you out on my personal jet one of these days and we can hang out on my super-yacht. It's a little smaller than I'd like, but one of my Argentinian investments didn't do too well this year. We're doing a San Diego-Hawaii jaunt sometime in January. If you can make it, let me know which airport is closest to you.

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But seriously folks, I don't even have a paper boat, and don't know a jib from a tack or a spinnaker from a keel. I just like all the tech that goes into it, the strategy, and the politicking behind the scenes. This is why I'm into the America's Cup.

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But wait, there's more: Is the cat out of the bag for Team NZ? Maybe we now know why they have skirted their entire hull, not just keel, thus far. I din't understand the first capsulated story I read on Team NZ's false hull, but this complete story has drawings and a good description of what they (may) have done with this year's design. This false hull appendage is designed to look like one thing to the measurement rule, while appearing like something else to water flowing past. The ACC rule tends to encourage a "shallower run aft" and long overhang for longer dynamic water line length, but the non-planing hull shape should be a bit more voluminous before the rudder. The Kiwi boat gets the best of both worlds with the false hull, if, IF, the rules see it as an appendage and not part of the hull. Expect a board of inquiry and rules nit-picking not unlike Australia II in '83 and Kiwi Magic in '87. Team NZ's Tom Schnackenberg didn't exactly deny the false hull reports with comments like: "Just looking at us from just outside 200 metres when we're sailing, and using logic" {our design can be deduced) ... "We try to keep everything we do a secret as much as possible, but if people see evidence to the extent they figure something out for themselves, that's okay." ... "We hoped it would be a surprise when we unveiled our boat on that day." More 'scuttlebutt' here:

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Hahaha. Good stuff msacheson. Though it's still a little over my head. I hate the litigious part of things (I guess it goes with all the stupid rules) even tho' I like all the gamesmanship and strategies and tactics and skullduggery and ... arrrrrrrr, there ya' go again, matey ...

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I have always been into the tech and design aspects of sailing. I have a few friends/acquaintances who are naval architects. This stuff is pretty eff-in cool, to me. Thanks for your posts about AC 2003...keep 'em coming. If I wasn't so busy (teaching middle-school during the day, taking classes at night), I'd have posted more myself. We're both in the Bay Area (I'm in Oakland) you sail on the Bay much? I race on a fast, wet boat out of Alameda. Let's trade war stories.

posted by msacheson at 11:21 AM on December 21, 2002

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