December 13, 2002

Griffey wants to play for the Yankees?: I had always read that he'd retire before playing for the Yankees because Steinbrenner wouldn't let him on the field as a kid. I can't say as though I'd want him (as a Yankee fan) anyway. Anyway, Griffey is feeling unloved again, big surprise, and is open to a trade. Where would he fit in nicely? (Who would want him with the injury history, even with such a big potential upside?)

posted by Bernreuther to baseball at 02:10 PM - 1 comment

Where would he fit in nicely? An emergency room. I'd love to see him sucking up Yankee payroll. He could be the 2003 Raoul Mondesi except he has way more talent and actually wants to play the game.

posted by yerfatma at 07:49 AM on December 14, 2002

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