December 23, 2004

Fantasy League admin question: conducting online draft via chat session (MI)

posted by msacheson to fantasy at 12:07 PM - 2 comments

Some friends and I run a fantasy golf league which has a unique format: we draft players onto teams with salary caps like some football/baseball/basketball leagues. (Established web fantasy golf sites do it differently: players such as Tiger can be on multiple teams; in our league, someone owns him.) We need to have a draft online this time, and we envision a chat/IM session. Do you know of a site that can host a chat room for us?

posted by msacheson at 12:08 PM on December 23, 2004

Yahoo! Chat (note: I work for Y! This thing is free -- you just need a free Y! account.) Seems straightforward. It's a Java app. You pick an area to go into, then you can create a secure room and invite your friends. Detailed help/instructions Let me know how it works out.

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:22 PM on December 23, 2004

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