December 08, 2003

It is Day 42 of 170 in the SpoFi Fantasy NBA pool, so that means it is time for the SpoFi Fantasy NBA 1Q Analyst Report. jbou's The Show sits on top of the League, but have been only rated a HOLD by the team of crack analysts? Read more inside....

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SpoFi Fantasy NBA 1Q Analyst Report
1The Showjbou 116.5PTS, OREBBosh one of the steals thus far. Has this team maxed?HOLD
2mbd1s Flying Elbowsmbd1 106REB, BLKSteady blue chip buy at number two position.BUY
3Samurai Jackasstaupe 99.5Lots of firepower on IL. Numbers should go up.BUY
4Prime Timersseabs 90.5Brilliant use of waiver/free agent wire, but may have maxed.HOLD
5fascist bully boysufezjones 87.5AST, STMalone and Divac anchoring the paint? This can't last...SELL
6Rockport Rassafrasswfrazerjr 86.5Chewing gum, ankle tape, and some Rassa-sass can't last much longer, can it?SELL
7Spacemenjasonspaceman 85.5LeBron slowing down a bit? I doubt it...HOLD
8sportsBabelsmithers 81E. Brand off IL, needs 2 weeks to become monster again.BUY
9vagabondscatfish 793PTMDonyell nice in T.O.; otherwise a steady-performing stock.HOLD
10Los Perdedoresdusted 72VC off ass; Stack, Webber returning anytime soon?BUY
11Sir Galihadcoolblacka 63Made gains in weak market; needs to make a big trade?HOLD
1237 Push Upscorpse 62.5Pierce is awesome; rest of team less convincing. Also needs trade?SELL
13TheBigSleeplilnemo 59.5Trying to wake from slumber, talent is there.BUY
14ATL (No) Magictrox 58"Magically" changes name from Streetwalkers; and A. Williams is rejuvenated.HOLD
15Smooth Sam Perkinschuckdcash 53FG%, FT%, TOHello? Anyone? At least Palacio is on the bench...SELL

posted by smithers at 12:06 PM on December 08, 2003

BTW, I am pre-empting all "analyst on crack" and/or "crack anal-ist" jokes right now with this post!!

posted by smithers at 12:08 PM on December 08, 2003

Excellent table and fresh take on the league. I do not think Lebron is slowing, although I think they have decided to give him more rest; as I'd be willing to bet, he isn't used to the long NBA season.

posted by jasonspaceman at 01:09 PM on December 08, 2003

How you note rate my team anything but "sell it as fast as your freaking can"? My team is dreadful.

posted by trox at 01:32 PM on December 08, 2003

Agreed that mdb1's team is nice, but how can they be the Flying Elbows without Karl Malone? ba da boom! VC and Shaq have been incredible, getting the NBA Players of the Week award. I'd like another few months of production like last week, please. And for Christmas I want the Webber and Stack action figures, with moveable parts.

posted by dusted at 04:35 PM on December 08, 2003

If my team's a "buy", it can only be a long-term buy, 'cos I'd do well just to tread water until Wally and Thud come back, if they ever do. It would have been wise to put a put option on my shooting percentages.

posted by taupe at 05:16 PM on December 08, 2003

Do we have to disclose insider trading here? Cause I just lost Amare Stoudamire for four weeks.

posted by mbd1 at 06:27 PM on December 08, 2003

We're surprised to find Mr. Murray on the waiver wire, as we consider the stock attractive long-term. As for Mr. Bradley, we rated it an underperformer from day one.

posted by dusted at 01:33 PM on December 09, 2003

From this excellent (weekly?) column: Dear Answerman, Iím in a Fantasy League, 20 teams, head-to-head format, with 12 players on each team. So pretty much anyone whose anyone has already been picked up. What I'm looking for is possible expenditures on my team that I can use for trade bait and what you think I could get in return. Going Deep. Dear Going, I specifically chose this e-mail because of the depth of his league. As a general rule, I never join a league that goes more than 150 players deep (allows 12 teams X 12 players). Once you go past that depth, your league becomes a Sausage Factory. For those uninitiated, a Sausage Factory is a party/club/bar which is so stocked with men that you wind up competing with 5 guys for the same girl, who isnít even that hot. In Deepís league, you wind up fighting over Charlie Ward, who is not hot. Anytime, I find myself at a Sausage Factory, I take a look, turn around and walk away. Apply the same priciples to choosing a league. I have to agree with him as I weigh the benefits of Howard Eisley versus Alston Rafer.

posted by dusted at 04:23 PM on December 15, 2003

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