September 10, 2003

Playmakers Redux. Anybody watching besides me? What do you think?

posted by vito90 to navel gazing at 03:06 PM - 8 comments

I've watched all three episodes and have enjoyed it immensely. I think it is a pretty well written drama. Yesterday's scene depicting a wager between the quarterback and the quarterback coach was as cool a scene as I've witnessed on TV in a long, long time. I bet anybody who saw that scene would concur. The game has been light on actual game scenes, which came up in the previous thread. Anyway, just curious, I hope the pantheon doesn't mind this posted here because I thought it wasn't really ripe for another FPP.

posted by vito90 at 03:08 PM on September 10, 2003

what is ripe for FPP? I probably need a lesson on that.

posted by garfield at 03:50 PM on September 10, 2003

I meant that since I was just asking people's opinions about a TV show, one that was brought up by myself just a couple weeks ago, and I didn't have a new link or anything, just wanted to generate a little discussion, it didn't belong on the front page. This is bearing in mind that SpoFi doesn't have .001% of the posting nazis that MeFi does, and I probably could have gotten away with a FPP (Front Page Post), I still want to maintain the high SpoFi standard, or at least do my part to perpetuate the facade that there IS a SpoFi standard...

posted by vito90 at 04:03 PM on September 10, 2003

Is this something I'd need to have USA tv reception to know about? Well you did mention the posting Nazis.

posted by squealy at 06:07 PM on September 10, 2003

This thread was over at comment 3. But seriously, it would've been OK as an FPP. (FPP! Yeah, you know me!)

posted by worldcup2002 at 06:34 PM on September 10, 2003

Good one...

posted by StarFucker at 10:41 PM on September 10, 2003

I've also enjoyed it tremendously. I'm not sure who the writers of the show are, but it seems like they've done a tremendous amount of research in the behind-the-scenes crap that goes on in the NFL. I also think Omar Gooding is outstanding as the young running back. That scene where they shoved the catheter into his penis to put in a clean sample of urine was priceless. Welcome to the NFL, buddy. Of course, I thought Arli$$ was good for a while, too.

posted by wfrazerjr at 07:52 AM on September 11, 2003

wfrazerjr, did you see the scene with the QB and QB coach (or it might have been the Offensive Coordinater)? Spoiler alert!!! The QB balked at the playbook for the upcoming game because it contained too many running plays and short passes. He confronted the coach and their strategy argument turned into a smackdown, with the QB asking the coach if "that was how he'd done it in juco ball". The coach then challenged the QB to a contest to see who could throw the ball the farthest. With the entire team looking on and cheering the QB, he stepped up and threw 65 yards. Then the coach calmly stepped up, threw the ball 10 yards into the back of a passing golf cart, which promptly drove past the QB's toss and into the end zone 100 yards away. It was an absolutely priceless moment. I think Omar has been good as well, the upcoming drama about whether he turns his back on his friends or not should be interesting...

posted by vito90 at 08:10 AM on September 11, 2003

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