July 15, 2002

What are all those Mo Rumors on the ESPN Insider?

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Jul. 14 - The New York Post, citing unidentified industry sources, reported that the Mets and Red Sox have talked about a deal to bring Vaughn back to Fenway, where his career average is nearly 50 points higher than at all other parks. The report said the Mets would not require much talent in return for Vaughn, but would likely have to take struggling Red Sox first baseman Tony Clark. Mo told The Post on Saturday he had heard the Red Sox were interested in bringing him back, a prospect that made him smile, though he declined to comment on it. "Leave me out of that one," he said.

posted by corpse at 09:54 AM on July 15

No, no, no. Not Tony Clark! Please, PLEASE. This will make me cry.

posted by djacobs at 10:51 AM on July 15

djacobs, you must be a Mets fan. As a Red Sox fan, the prospect of getting rid of Clark makes me smile too (though I'm not sold on Mo).

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Jul. 15 - The rumor that the Red Sox have talked with the Mets about bringing Mo Vaughn back to Boston started with the New York Post Sunday, and that's where it ends, to this point. According to today's Boston Globe, one Red Sox official dismissed the rumor as "ridiculous." The Boston Herald reports that "Red Sox officals completely dismmised" the rumor. The New York Daily News, which is of course a bitter rival of the Post, reported that Mets GM Steve Phillips labeled the report as "make-believe." The Daily News then proceeded to discuss it on an "if" basis. For his part, Vaughn indicated that he would be happy to go back to the Boston area, where he has a home, but said the right things about be happy with the Mets. The Daily News indicates that perhaps the Red Sox would be interested if Vaughn was part of a package (Vaughn's a huge package all by himself) that included Al Leiter. Add Leiter to Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez and the Red Sox would have a nice 1-2-3 top to the rotation. Vaughn who has 310 lifetime homers and a .910 career OPS, has but 11 dingers and a .739 OPS this season. Since signing with the Angels for megamillions three seasons ago, Vaughn has been plagued by injury and not quite the player he was with Boston.

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No, no, no. Not Tony Clark! Please, PLEASE. Fine, you talked us into it. No Clark for you. You can have our other first basemen, Jose Awfulman.

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i'll give you my washed up 1B if you give me yours.

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Mo is not washed up. Watch out Mo haters! Mo's going to have 25 home runs in the next 72 games. 25!

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Why isn't there a Rumors category? I think that's what I most want. I love rumors.

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Dear Matt: While your migrate megnut, metafilter, blogroots, wholelottanothing, etc. to your new Xserve, please direct all mail and http:// requests to : http://www.sportsfilter.com/lockerroom/comments.cfm/83 If all those eyeballs come up with trade ideas for the mets, I'll pick the best ones and send them to Steve Phillips. What if we had bought that hockey team, installed slash code, posted trade rumors, and then used mediation to decide trades and management decisions.

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I have two tickets to today's *noon* Mets game. If anyone can swing by downtown NYC to pick them up from me, they're yours. dj@randomwalks.com

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Point of procedure? Should this post be in the locker room or the main front page? If the locker room is the appropriate place, why? Thanks!

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"I'll be as short and succinct as possible because I don't want to dignify (the story) by commenting too much: It's baseless," Red Sox assistant general manager Theo Epstein said. "We haven't talked to the Mets about Mo Vaughn."

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The Mets are keeping Mo. If anyone had snagged those tickets they would've seen him hit a 2 run homer in the first. LET'S GO MO! LET'S GO MO! I disagree with the Daily News article that says we should keep him for his entertainment value only, that it was a bad trade. It was a great trade, Mo has an electricity that no one else on the Mets except Piazza brings to the plate. We are going to win the WORLD SERIES.

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That's fine, keep Vaughn. He'll always call Boston home... I'm still looking forward to the small possibility of getting Thome in a Red Sox uniform. I can appreciate your strong (albeit somewhat disturbing) loyalty to Vaughn, even though he's not the player he once was. I imagine if you had the '96-98 Red Sox version Mo Vaughn you'd probably implode. ;)

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I feel like we DO have that Mo Vaughn. He is going to be on fire the next few months. That's a great article - thanks jerseygirl!

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Mo might not win any MVP trophies with the Mets, but he is a tremendous addition and a great guy to root for. By the end of the season, he'll have his 30 HR and 90-100 rbi. His OPS has jacked up 130 points the past few weeks, and I don't expect the trend to stop any time soon. I hope Mo gets his wish to retire in a Mets uniform. The Mets should forget about moving Piazza to first and just stick him in left after he breaks the record for career home runs as a catcher. Mo Vaughn is here to stay!

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Welcome, bfried, the newest addition to the spofi family! Here's a list of 25 things wrong with baseball from cnnsi.com, and as far as I'm concerned it's case closed that baseball is in great shape. Bud Selig has to go, yes, but the rest of the stuff is nitpicking. Also, my twin mind Rob Neyer wrote today about Baseball 100 years ago entitled Back When Baseball was Really Messed Up, just for comparison.

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oops. that should read "wrote | an article | today". Where | is a splice.

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I'm not sure daypop is indexing Sportsfilter.

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Stop torturing me. I flipped by ESPN2 during a commercial break in last night's Sox game just as Mo muscled out an RBI single. Someday he'll come back to us, and not for $13 million per. And you know what he'll say then? "Dumb stupid New York fans. Stupid. Stupid." (.wav file)

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keep dreaming, fatma.

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Mo leaves game, Mets lose. Not a coincidence.

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Mo could hit 70, at this pace!

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Is this becoming your personal Mo Vaughn fan page or...?

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I'm just addressing the desire, on the part of Mets fans, to KEEP MO VAUGHN A MET. When he plays, they win. It's so simple!

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I second that eMOtion. Mo is one of the few Mets position players with charisma to spare. If he keeps performing at or near the level he's displayed the past month he'll soon be a Met institution, like Piazza, and management won't even think about trading him.

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Another day, another homer! Maybe the Mets just like the heat? LET'S GO MO!

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Who needs the wildcard? The Mets will catch the Braves.

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I think it would be hard to catch the braves - but I'd love to see them do it! We'd have to sweep the 5 remaining games, and then outplay them by 8 games in the other 57 remaining games. so if the braves go .500, including being swept by the Mets, the mets would have to win about 40 of the remaining 62 games. Of course, the Braves are playing much better than .500 ball.

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AGAIN - The Mets lose when Mo is removed from the game early. When will Bobby V learn?

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Mo betta: Vaughn heatin' up for Mets

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If we have learned nothing else about Bobby Cox's teams the past few years, it is that they play bad in September and even worse in October. Granted, the Mets were never the team that finished them off, but this year that's all gonna change! Those young arms, Moss and Marquis, will be too tired to throw straight come August.

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I hope so, but the other thing we know is that Bobby Cox is constantly making something out of nothing from his bullpen, and that's where these pennant races are usually won and lost. :( Mo hits the spot.

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True, the Braves bullpen has been the best in the majors so far, and the team as a whole has been strong in every facet of their game. It would be completely irrational to think the Mets can overtake the Braves in the NL East. But as a Mets fan, I feel no compunction to justify my beliefs with sound logic, and neither should you! ;) But back to the topic at hand - MO! Vaughn Runs Mets Into Win Column (Kind of old)

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Watching MO run is as exciting as anything else in sports. It's all about the effort!

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The Mo Vaughn Book: Follow Your Dreams. I can't make this stuff up!

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When Mo runs there's always that extra thrill you get thinking of the strain on his hamstrings.

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LetsGoMo Wiki

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Mo delivers the knockout blow

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Yes! I'm so happy that someone beat us to this page. bfried and I were at this game, and a joyous time it was!

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*sigh* a bittersweet home run it was :(

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Mo says Mets can win in 2003!

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locker room #83: The original moblog.

New York Mets: Mo Vaughn hit a two-run homer and Jay Bell went 3-for-3 with two RBI as the Mets beat the St. Louis Cardinals 7-3 Friday. Winning pitcher Al Leiter threw two scoreless innings, allowing one hit and three walks. Albert Pujols homered for the Cardinals. Vaughn, hoping to rebound from a disappointing season, connected against Brett Tomko in the first inning. The ball landed on top of the roof of the Cardinals' two-story clubhouse in right field more than 400 feet away.

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