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The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time

how do you not have the team with the best defense of all time, the 2000 Ravens defense pitched a shut out on defense, the only touchdown the giants scored was on special teams. The Ravens in Super Bowl 35 had one of the most dominating proformances of all time in a superbowl, and absolutely have to be in the top ten, probably a top 5 team

posted by taprootkicksass at 11:50 AM on February 19, 2006

Tainted Steel

If Kimo Von Cheapshot won't have cheapshoted carson palmer in the first round of the playoffs, Palmer would have carved up the suspect defense of the Steelers, just like Hasselbeck did. Hasselbeck owned the Steelers D, like no one since Carson Palmer did the second time the two teams played. Is it Hasselbecks fault the officials called back every big play? Is it Hasselbeck's fault when the Seahawks made a big stop on the goalline the official ruled Ben Worthlessberger in anyway? Is it Hasselbeck's fault he got called for block below the back making a great takle on Ike Taylor? The ref were obviously paid off by Rick Thoccet, obviously Gretzky's wife had about half a million on the game and Rick couldn't let his boy's wife take a hit like that. If you think the Stealers won the game, and not had it handed to them, you are just a blind homer, that has nothing insightful to say, and shouldn't be wasting people's time. Face facts, If you lost to the Ravens when Antony Wright was quarterbacking, your not a superbowl worthy team. There was no champion this year, as far as I'm concerned the Patriots are still defending champs next year, they are the last time to win the superbowl.

posted by taprootkicksass at 11:07 AM on February 19, 2006