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Shit, fan. Fan, shit.

now he's giant barry who hits homeruns left and right, who almost no one outside the bay area respects. that's a shame. It's partly because of McGwire and baseball fans. After '98, I noted to a friend that Bonds looked like he was completely changing his hitting style, i.e. swinging for the fences. I thought, "he's pissed that those other guys broke the biggest record in baseball." And there you go. Remember when there was actual debate about the greatest modern hitter (Griffey vs. Bonds)? Any debate now? Not an excuse, just an observation ...

posted by mrgrimm at 01:05 PM on March 07, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes

there was a hell of a lot more evidence against OJ. -- no, i'm not just rationalizing cuz i have KB on my fantasy team ;) i was going to post a list of my own, but chicobangs "fucking" list hit a bunch of them. go Bonds! can't wait till he passes Ruth. Can I ask, after looking at this list, why you included names such as Jeter, Manning, ARod, Clemens... ? Clemens is one of the biggest assholes ever.

posted by mrgrimm at 01:22 PM on January 26, 2006

GoDizzGo, i can't buy your final argument. what the hell does it matter if the Bartman already had a ball from Alou? you're telling me that if you got a lazily tossed ball from an outfielder, when the next foul ball comes around you're gonna say "oh no, i've got this ball. i'll quickly move out of the way so someone else can catch it"? are u kidding me? there were at least 6-7 people reaching for that ball. i'm with you on the home run balls, though. if it were voluntary it would just be annoying, but the way they heckle and harass anyone who doesn't goosestep with their tradition is just lame, even without the swaps (which isn't surprising at all). wow! a stirring Red Sox comeback. i gotta find a tv.

posted by mrgrimm at 07:18 PM on October 15, 2003