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Patriots are perfect 16-0

And since all of my Teams of Emotional Affiliation are out of it (well, not San Diego, but they're Norv Turnered so they're screwed,) I'm rooting for the Pats the same way I like to root for Triple H or Darth Vader. I want the bad guys to win.

posted by Cyrano at 02:34 PM on January 01, 2008

Patriots are perfect 16-0

Given the same offensive line and receivers Brady has three rings with recievers who rated a "Meh" at best. At least compared to the current bunch. And one of those against the Rams who arguably had the best set going for a while. I won't dispute that the line helps. Troy Aikman could tell you that. I don't care what you if you watch the replay closely from the Patriots-Ravens game you would realize that the "game-winning" touchdown pass from Tom Brady was incomplete due to the fact that the receiver was bobbling the pass. You're wrong. Sorry. I suffered through years of Gaffney in Houston. I've seen him bobble once or twice. He might not have had it brought into his body, but he had control the whole time.

posted by Cyrano at 02:30 PM on January 01, 2008

Last minute rally moves Patriots to 12-0

Did you even watch the game? Gaffney had more bobbles than a bobble-head doll. Dude, I live in Houston. I know all about Gaffney. I was just taking about the last touchdown.

posted by Cyrano at 06:20 PM on December 04, 2007

Last minute rally moves Patriots to 12-0

I don't really understand all the kerfluffle about the holding penalty. I thought it was going to be pass interference since Watson (?) was clearly smacked before the ball got there. And Gaffney never bobbled that ball for a second. /Not a Patriots fanboy, but kind of rooting for them now the same way I root for the heels in the WWE.

posted by Cyrano at 10:52 AM on December 04, 2007

Back to Work Randy: You Didn't Even Make the Top Five.

I met Steve Wisniewski once (also a guy with a rep for being quite the bastard.) He told me it wasn't that uncommon for NFL players to wear pantyhose as they make it easier to slide on those tight pants.

posted by Cyrano at 03:45 PM on January 20, 2005