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Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot The creation of the Rush Limbaugh era was a move of astonishing cynicism by ESPN, a race down the low road in search of a buck or two, middle finger extended out the driver's side window at its best customers, hardcore sports fans. Knowing that any publicity is good publicity and that hiring Limbaugh would have tongues wagging, the network hired him knowing he'd add nothing to viewers' enjoyment of the games but plenty to the bottom line as the curious tuned in to see how Rush would try to shape the events on the field to fit his know-nothing political agenda.

posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 01:22 PM on October 02, 2003

I thought that the "race card" was when you blamed racism for something, or brought it into an unrelated discussion. It sounds like Limbaugh was just saying (thinly veiled) racist shit. That being said, I've gotta agree with vito's comment. I root for black quarterbacks, not because as individuals I hope that they do better than white quarterbacks or something, but because I like to think of all the great black quarterbacks that never were (and ended up being too-slow safeties or whatever) because of the "white-up-the-middle" philosophy that really was a dominant meme in football for decades, and it is awesome to see that injustice quantifiably mitigated. If a quarterback sucks, I won't root for him, but Donvaon McNabb does not suck. Let's see Limbaugh's favorite quarterback go to the Pro Bowl with no running game and wide receivers like Charles Johnson or James Thrash. You know who the new underdog is? Black quarterbacks who are slow. How many times have you heard Warren Moon, Charlie Batch or Byron Leftwich instinctively called "athletic" by someone for whom black=scrambler?

posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 02:53 PM on October 01, 2003