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T.O.'s not the bad guy the eagles are

Terrell Owens is an ass let's face the facts. He has managed to pull us into his Dennis Rodman like world and we like moths to the flame follow all the stories. He is unlike many of his cohorts who do act professional on and off the field. Terrell is going to get more airtime, more money, more publicity than many NFL players like Warrick Dunn who in my opinion deserves 10 times the recognition of a Terrell Owens, just on his humanitarian effort alone, but because of guys like Terrell, Warrick Dunns on and off field accomplishments tend to be somewhat overlooked. This coming from a SuperBowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers lifelong fan. I could've mentioned Big Ben or The bus, but Dunn story intrigued me just a little more.

posted by tgillis3 at 07:24 PM on March 17, 2006