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Rodriguez leaves West Virginia

Seriously though, the Big Ten has only about three prestigeous schools in their conference. Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State. As a U of M fan, I can honestly say that OSU's coach Tressel is a helluva coach, no doubt. You knows he's not going anywhere. Joe Pa is sticking around at Penn State, too. Michigan is the only other 'high profile' job left. They have one of the largest and strongest alumni associations in the country. They have the largest football stadium in the 'Big House' and they have the most recognizable winged helmets in college football. Who could blame Rodriguez for jumping at this chance? Welcome to Ann Arbor, Rich. You're a better coach than Lloyd Carr anyway.

posted by chuckthefreek at 06:24 AM on December 17, 2007

Rodriguez leaves West Virginia

Hmmm... First Michigan 'steals' West Virginia's basketball coach last season and now they take their football coach. I'm just curious, but I were WVU, I'd keep a watchful eye on my baseball coach. By the way, does WVU have a hockey or lacrosse program too? If so, keep those coaches locked up too!

posted by chuckthefreek at 06:16 AM on December 17, 2007