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Paul Stoddart says lots of things, especially about Ferrari and the FIA. Hearing him trash them again means close to nothing. It's like listening to a guy from Boston say "the Yankees suck".

posted by mosch at 10:16 AM on June 22, 2005


No one here would dispute that you know more about the technical and political sides of F1 than any of us. Actually, I'd be perfectly happy to dispute that. There's no reason at all to believe he has any insider F1 knowledge. He helped develop sports car tires, a task which has absolutely nothing to do with F1. His continuous accusations of a long-lived Ferrari/FOM conspiracy are laughable. The idea that huge numbers of highly competitive organizations would agree to run with a handicap against Ferrari is asinine. Unless ergos does something more than make a vague accusation a fourth time, I've officially dismissed him as a crackpot.

posted by mosch at 09:48 AM on June 21, 2005


My specific questions about Ferrari cheating: 1) why is there no public fuss made by the Renault, McLaren/Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Red Bull, Jordan, Sauber or Mindari who compete against Ferrari? 2) why is there no public fuss made by Michelin who competes against Ferrari's tire supplier? 3) Why is there no public fuss made by major sponsors of rival teams? 4) What are they doing? You're suggesting that dozens of massive corporations... many of whom are beholden to their shareholders to maximize profits are letting Ferrari win because "that's how F1 works". Forgive me if you have actual evidence of this, but it seems more than casually implausible. And no, saying "but it's true" a third time is not evidence.

posted by mosch at 11:20 PM on June 20, 2005


Can you define a bit more what you mean by those mysterious "vibration modes"? this thread discusses the issue. I just thought it was an interesting thing to discuss. As for Ferrari and cheaters - mosch obviously is not privy to how F1 really works. I'll leave it at that, so someone may still call it unsubstantiated. But it's most definitely not bullshit, I can assure you Making a vague accusation twice doesn't add substance, even if it's a popular thing to say.

posted by mosch at 10:45 PM on June 20, 2005


Ferrari (known cheaters btw but shhh) This is the exact point where your comment appears to veer from excellence into unsubstantiated bullshit. The stuff before that though... at least somewhat interesting. One interesting theory I've heard is that the problem may have been caused by unpredicted vibration modes.

posted by mosch at 07:53 PM on June 20, 2005