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Soriano refuses to play outfield for Nationals

I don't understand why all of you are making this a money issue. The fact of the matter is that the guy wants to be a second baseman is a second baseman and when they traded for him they knew that he is a second baseman. I personally am a machinsist by trade and if I was told after I hired into a company that they wanted me to be a janitor instead it wouldn't matter if they gave me more money to do that job I would tell them no. If they didn't like that no then they could fire me. I can tell you from expierience on this issue because this situation has happened to me that I would be eligible for unemployment if they did fire me. So what I am getting at is the guy is getting the shaft. He is going to have to sit out a season and not get paid at all for it and he doesn't have the option to quit and go to another team. If you ask me I don't care how much money is involved he is getting a raw deal and I commend him for sticking to his convictions and standing up for himself. That is a quality that made this country great and is rapidly dissapearring. Any one of you that would let your company push you around deserve to have subpar jobs and that is probably why most of you hate your jobs and take out your frustations online against people that went out and found their dream job. He has his dream job so why shouldn't he fight to keep it? If you would like to debate this issue personally with me which is by no means a money issue but a convictions issue you can look me up on and find my profile and send me a message.

posted by chavez0101 at 04:28 PM on March 21, 2006

T.O. visits Denver for face to face with Shanahan -

If the Lions where smart they would pick up T.O. to get the heat off of Mat Millen. The fans in Detriot would have someone to hate and blame even more than Millen then!!!!!!!!

posted by chavez0101 at 04:15 PM on January 31, 2006