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V Can Count From I To XXXIX

Okay watching the game amongst McNabb haters yesterday i was forced to confront the question; Is McNabb really good or does he just have amazing receivers ? There were some catches made yesterday that really shouldnt have been made ( including the last touchdoen that cost me the pot at 4-4 ) He throws wildly and inaccurately but the receivers make him look good. Please discuss :-)

posted by stuartmm at 01:44 AM on February 08, 2005

Fox hunting is now illegal in England.

It looks like it is always used for things associated with the English upper classes :-)

posted by stuartmm at 07:12 PM on September 15, 2004

Fox hunting is now illegal in England.

Well it will be illegal in a year , the ban only becomes immediate if the Parliament act is used so the supporters can go on ripping foxes to bits for a year with packs of dogs or lose that "right" immediately if they force a block in the House of Lords.

posted by stuartmm at 06:12 PM on September 15, 2004

The MLS officially announces expansion squads.

I thouht it was agreed that Chivas US was going to play in Carson sharing with the LA Galaxy. Alternate home games keeping the stadium heavily used.

posted by stuartmm at 01:44 PM on July 14, 2004

The NBA Draft is tomorrow night.

How about a mod for one of the video games where they could play in their draft day clothes :-) sweeeeeetttt!!

posted by stuartmm at 03:49 PM on June 23, 2004

Sorry for the total derail but it does involve swimming .. sort of . From another PIF "Rolf lies back in the water and waves with his foot. Then the action freezes, but you can hear the children shouting: "Get Him! Get Him!"" Excellent link, squealy .

posted by stuartmm at 07:57 PM on May 05, 2004

Squat-thrusts, arm dips, and spectacular bike accidents!

I remember ; Jonah Barrington storming out; One of the cyclists not able to do even one arm dip ( No upper body strength he claimed) Everyone trying to cheat at armdips especialy Neal Adams. A racing car driver, if i remember correctly, putting a greased up towel on his shoes to make the squat thrusts easier. It got nice and competitive from what i remember. .. and this is the first time in 18 years that the name and image of Brian Jacks has been in my head :-)

posted by stuartmm at 01:56 PM on October 15, 2003

rcade , this photo on is from almost exactly the same time as the one you show. You can see how deceptive the angle is; My SF Giant fan friend who was just waiting for Baker to screw up is very happy now.

posted by stuartmm at 11:08 AM on October 15, 2003

Washington Redskins Vs. Dallas Cowboys

"Los Angeles Raiders" eh... Oakland maybe :-)

posted by stuartmm at 01:13 PM on September 02, 2003

Ten superb pics.

This site found 3 more of the 50 images. here Anyone with an actual copy of OSM care to list what the pictures were ? .. and for an English magazine i am surprised that Maradonas other image made it to only 33. As a Scot i am so sick of the whining that goes on about that incident ; if anyone mentions that HOG to you make them describe the other goal Maradona scored in that game if they can.

posted by stuartmm at 12:37 PM on August 19, 2003

At least they found it before they had to print its picture on milk cartons.

Of course that is not the current World Cup that Moore is holding , it is the original Jules Rimet Trophy . Brazil were given that to keep ( and then have stolen ) in 1970. The Stanley Cup worries me that as the years go by and more rings are added it becomes more and more like the the Nascar and hot rod trophies that compete with the drivers for height more that quality.

posted by stuartmm at 12:47 PM on August 05, 2003

Another list of the greatest

# 38 Vision Quest I'm vomiting right now, as we speak. .. and remember the greatest lines in it are about Pele !!!!

posted by stuartmm at 02:21 PM on July 29, 2003

Europe and Latin America conquer the US!

okay they did now they dont have them on Sorry about that.

posted by stuartmm at 05:21 PM on July 21, 2003

Europe and Latin America conquer the US! has all the times and channels Ufez, There are usually a few of Mexican/South American club games played in Los Angeles , its quite an interesting atmosphere to be in. :-) I am going to the Team Americas game although there was no attempt at segregation so again interesting atmosphere. ( They appear to have sold 30,000 tickets and expect a 30,000 walk up crowd ; they had much the same for the original Galaxy games.Lots of walk up traffic )

posted by stuartmm at 05:19 PM on July 21, 2003

Payton chooses L.A.!

I have always wondered about this in Basketball. Basically get all the "superstars" who missed rings and at the end of their contracts sign them to friendly deals that give them cuts of shirts deals etc to try and be the Harlem Globetrotters of the NBA. Just go out barnstorming. Every year refill the team with the latest older end of contract non title winner and have a blast. Everyone would want to see them. Is there any rule that would stop this as long as they are under the salary cap ??? Make it a city-less NBA team that moved leagues each season and let them go.

posted by stuartmm at 05:26 PM on July 08, 2003