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Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May

Fact 1: Tyson was a machine who knocked 19 chumps out in 1 rd....because of that...they were chumps w/no defense skills Fact 2: Lidell is a collegiate champ and has kick boxing skills and off balance KO power Sceario: Tyson at 20 vs current Lidell Lidell would likely stay away from the hook...kick once to the leg and one jab to the jaw....over in 1 round - FACT

posted by moonymitz at 03:26 PM on February 15, 2006

Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May lack any and all knowledge of're proabaly a jealous weak nerd who watches martial arts every night in a jealous fat rage. Mike Tyson vs Chuck Lidell? Are you kidding...Tyson would come in once and miss wildly with a left hook(infamous)...Lidell being a collegiate champ wrestler would take him down...hit him with 2 elbows ....stand him back up and demolish him. Or kick his head in? Boxing is a sport of the past....corrupted by Don King(you both probably sold your sole to the devil at the same signing) .... THE UFC is the future of fighting... it will exclipse boxing in less than 5 years. Hughes by armbar in the 2nd round....just too much farmboy strength.

posted by moonymitz at 02:43 PM on January 26, 2006