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shckbar, how can you blame the BCS for that? Even in a revised BCS with 8 teams it would be entirely possible that Iowa wouldn't make it because you would have to start with conference champions and Iowa has that one loss. It would really depend on the sentiment that the playoff designers went in with. With 8 teams you probably start with the 6 power-conference champs. Then you either reserve the final two spots for the best of the other conferences and independents or you open it up completely (in which case Iowa would probably make it). In this case I think it is the Big 10 that has dropped the ball. 11 teams isn't elegant, but they have to figure out something.

posted by tallguy at 07:28 AM on December 04, 2002

I have finally written down all of the problems I have with the BCS-bashing I hear. You can read it here. Patrick

posted by tallguy at 12:10 PM on December 03, 2002