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Brett picks a coach

I honestly can't wait to see if # 4 does decide to come back in 2006, and I truly hope he does, what will all the Favre bashers say if he does end up breaking Dan Marino's 420 career td record? He very well could do it! It is within his reach, even though Favre is not a limelight media guy, he very well could end up # 1 all time! Man!!! Then, where would #4 be all time?, he would have 3 MVP'S, a Super Bowl win (Was in another), possibly most TD'S Ever! What Then? Where would he ultimately fall?? Very Curious!

posted by billyboy at 09:57 AM on January 26, 2006

Brett picks a coach

I am tired of hearing how Favre forces so many throws, and has so many interceptions. I know when the question comes up about the greatest QB'S EVER, names like Unitas, Montana, Elway come up, also Dan Marino. Did you know that other than Dan Marino having 420 career tds, which ranks #1 all time, he also has 252 career interceptions, a lifetime 86.4% passer rating. John Elway had 300 career tds, with 226 interceptions, a career 79.9% passer rating. Brett Favre has 396 and hopefully counting career tds, a career 86.00% passer rating and has career 255 interceptions, 29 this year partly because of the "jv" team he had to work with. Favre is 25 td passes away from being # 1 all time!!!, hopefully he will come back for one more year. So Favre's stats, tds, passer rating, INTERCEPTIONS is right in line with Marino, and Elway!! Enough said!! come back #4!!

posted by billyboy at 09:53 AM on January 26, 2006

Brett picks a coach

I would agree Favre does always seem to get sort of a "free" pass when it comes to him making mistakes, but that right there is why I think he is such an awesome player. He has that "it factor". He didn't ask for that so called "free Pass", he is quiet, not a limelight kind of guy, never was, but he somehow by his play, drive, incredible passion ended up with this sort of special "pass card" so to speak when it comes to him making mistakes. How can you be mad at Favre for whatever reason, getting that sort of free pass? It's not like he ever asked for it, the media, if anyone gave that to him. This year especially, the guy had NO TEAM, NADA... this is not an excuse, no starting running back, receiver, hurt center, the list goes on. My other point is do you ever notice the way other nfl players, especially star players act when they see Favre? They know this guy is something very special, you can see the way they act after a game, and its ALWAYS been like that. Other players go out of their way to greet him. Do you also ever notice how no one especially NFL players ever say anything bad about #4. He has that "it" or intangible trait that can't be measured or touched, Fave just has it, and everyone knows it. The guy will be truly missed when he does officially hang it up, more year Favre!! Number 4 all the way!!!

posted by billyboy at 09:51 AM on January 26, 2006