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USA MNT receives highest ever FIFA ranking: Number 5.

The Fifa Rankings make about as much sense to the average person as the BCS. That being said, the US team benefits in soccer much the way Eastern European teams benefit in Basketball. Teams that should be powerful (ie England, France, Italy, and so on) underperform because they are too confident. Based on talent alone, England should never lose a game. Kind of like US basketball. But they do. The US team practices more together and plays harder than more established teams. Think of it like England is the Yankees and US is like (insert crappy team that wins championship against all odds). And "blarp"......There are several tournaments that take place between World Cups. There is a Championship tourney in every part of the world every two years (Pan-America and Euro Cup for example). World Cup Qualifiying takes roughly two years as well. Not that any of this matters because Brazil wins the damn thing every time any way. Screw it.

posted by kjones00 at 05:41 AM on March 16, 2006

Air Canada Centre confiscates sign from 10-year-old terrorist

When was Canada last attacket by terrorist or another country. I don't even think they sided with the US when they invaded Iraq. What the hell are they so afraid of.....Ty Domi?

posted by kjones00 at 03:35 AM on February 17, 2006

Slammin' Sammy likely to retire

Every one at that hearing made a mockery of the proceedings. McGwire's refusal to talk, Palmeiro saying he has never taken steroids then months later getting suspended for a test he took before the hearing, and last but certainly not least, Sosa acting like he didn't speak english even though everyone in America knows he can. McGwire at least was honest (may not have been what people wanted to hear). All in all, who gives a shit. I say they all get juiced and go hit a bunch of dingers while I sit back and drink beer. I love it.

posted by kjones00 at 03:31 AM on February 17, 2006

The Rocket to represent the United States.

he's old

posted by kjones00 at 05:46 AM on February 16, 2006

Tainted Steel

Is this one of those joke articles????? Just checking.

posted by kjones00 at 05:41 AM on February 16, 2006

Nash Must Be The MVP

Agreed, he probably shouldn't have won it last year though. Because the suns aren't dominating like they were last year, he won't get near the same amount of attention. More likely to be a trendy choice (i.e. Kobe's 81 or Billups' clutch shooting). Nash just happened to be the trendy choice last year (not a diss on his playing ability because he had a helluva year last year).

posted by kjones00 at 05:38 AM on February 16, 2006

Slammin' Sammy likely to retire

black hand...I couldn't agree more. It seems like everybody forgets that at the time andro was a legal supplement. It is hardly a knock on the guy that he was using a MLB sanctioned supplement. As for sammy, it is a bit odd that he never hit more than 40 hrs before '98. Not that 40 is bad, in fact it is quite good but in 97 he hit 36 in 162 games and in 98 he hit 66 in 159. Big Mac hit 50+ hrs three years in a row before he hit 70. In 97 he hit 58 during a season in which he was traded. What is a more believable increase.....12 or 30? If the legal andro thing never happened, this wouldn't be an issue.

posted by kjones00 at 05:31 AM on February 16, 2006

Roger Federer: Tennis is My Fourth Favorite Sport

Definatley not real commentary....as iamdwizard stated, why would a swiss tennis player no anything about those sports. Plus he sure as hell cares whether he is number one in the world or not

posted by kjones00 at 04:42 AM on February 03, 2006

Chelsea make record 140m losses

It is a little of both, after winning the EPL last year by a wide margin they went and bought contracts of at least 2 major players (cole and essien). That along with the buyouts from previous owners mistakes makes it worse. Long term investment should start to kick in at some point because they have arguably one of the top two teams in the world.

posted by kjones00 at 03:22 AM on January 29, 2006

The Big Hurt Becomes an A

As a long time A's fan I am certainly sceptical but I think as long as he stays healthy (I doubt it) then he could be fairly productive. All he has to do is protect Chavez in the line up and he will play mostly on the west coast (optimal whether for hitting). As an added bonus he also gets to play in the Texas Rangers stadium, which lets be honest. I could probably jack 10 homers a year there.

posted by kjones00 at 09:56 PM on January 25, 2006