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Shit, fan. Fan, shit.

Great day for baseball discourse, it seems the Hot Stove League is over and the season will be here before you know it. I just have one question. How come when Mark McGwire cheated, it was a "dietary supplement" and people were ready to over look it. Then when Bonds did steriods, he's a disgrace to the game and himself and his team and his family and to civilization in general (let's face it. Bonds is no PR man about the way he is with everyone). I still say and I will always say, it's because Barry is black. I don't give a damn what anyone else here thinks, that's the bottom line! This will be a very interesting season. And no, I'm not black

posted by sonofgandalf at 12:25 AM on March 08, 2006

MLS gives you wings!

Sadly, wfrazerjr, there are people in this world stupid enough to believe such a thing. A few years back, following the release of a football movie called "The Program" where some cement heads layed down on the roadway to show courage or stupidity or their IQ, I'm not sure which. But some kids in this crazy U.S.A. can't tell "movie reality" from "life reality" so they tried the same exact thing because "nobody in the movie died doing it" and a couple of these youngster were killed. So, just goes to show ya! Folks are idiots sometimes!

posted by sonofgandalf at 11:58 PM on March 07, 2006

Shit, fan. Fan, shit.

Hello from the Wine Country. Let me help everyone here. I worked for both the SF Chronicle & Examiner for 8 years. Now, history has shown throughout the years that the Chronicle was the "sensationalist" newspaper and the Examiner was the "establishment" newspaper owned & operated for years by the Hearst family (anyone here remember Patty & her "adventure in Militant Land" in the 70's). Founded in the 1860's, the Chronicle will continue to be the sensationalist newspaper it. So here we have 2 reporters that work for the "Chronicle" and they are going to write this book. The only possibility is as we know, they have to write a "sensationalist" book. So the best way to do that is, as was noted before, they acquire illegally obtained documents and the rest you know, is probably going to be literary history. Also, high intellect is not a requirement of the job itself! You just have to be able to type.

posted by sonofgandalf at 05:58 PM on March 07, 2006