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MLB Credits Hank Aaron With 50 Lost Home Runs

Okay, it's widely accepted that Barry Bonds has become a needle-butt. We all know that he's not the most accepting character. Asshole, you could also make an argument for, but would u like the media in your face all day? Still, regardless of ALL THAT, you still have to respect Bonds for his achievement. Why? Because hitting a baseball is damn hard. Steroids or not, nobody on this post could EVER hit a home run off a major league pitcher. At least I can't, and I'm a pretty dam good athlete. And steroids don't help so much with strength as much as they help muscle recovery. That means you can do more with you muscles in less time. So, he might have been able to hit them slightly more often. That still doesn't account for his clearly superior bat speed, not to mention his batter's eye, which is regarded by almost everyone in the know as the best in baseball. He doesn't strike out very often, and that has less to do with steroids than anything else. Also, players get big when they get older. That's natural. There are a few exceptions (see: the still svelte Kenny Lofton), but MOST players gain a few pounds towards the twilight of their career, as their fresh runner's legs disappear. The same thing will happen to A-Rod. The only players off the top of my mind who are exceptions are the elite baserunners like rickey henderson and kenny lofton who don't have the option of exclusively hitting for power. That's not their game. Accounting for the muscle recovery factor, Bonds might have hit somewhere between 30-120 less home runs. That's still pretty dam good. Especially when you admit that many of his home runs may have been hit against needle-butt pitchers. Whether he goes first ballot or not, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. In the meantime, the man has the right to be an asshole, and celebrate his achievement which he'll almost surely get by July (yeah, I said it) for what it is and not who/how it is.

posted by kbdatkidd at 05:43 PM on April 28, 2007

Adelman out in Sacramento after eight seasons

The intelligence of the Webber trade has always been arguable... Kenny Thomas is a decent player, and when you couple him with Abdur-Rahim, they more than compensate for webber, who still struggles to consistently put up the same numbers in Philly as he did in Sacramento. The Kings only had one or two years where they had a legitimate shot at the title, and those were ruined by a couple of bad luck notes, i.e. the Samari Parker buzzer beater at the end of the first half of game 7 in 2002 which wasn't supposed to count and would've nulled the significance of Horry's last second shot. Or how about the trend for a key Sacramento player to be injured just before the playoffs every year? Peja last year, Bobby Jackson a couple of times, Webber during key series, eventually leading to his departure.... They weren't a second tier team, they jus didn't have their first tier impact players come playoff time. Right now, they're again rebuilding, trying to bring themselves back to the elite level of competition. Give them about 2-4 years, and they'll make it to the 'ship. Y'all can quote me on that, too. All in all, though, the Maloofs shouldnt've punished Adelman for his great tenure, and they'll be very hard pressed to come up with a viable replacement. Plus, who else is going to be able to handle Artest the way Adelman did? I don't think he's willing to play for free anymore... P.S. it's my first post, y'all. HOLLA

posted by kbdatkidd at 06:17 PM on May 10, 2006