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Cavs Acquire Ben Wallace and Wally Alphabet for Playoff Run.

Ok, I hate to lose Gooden, he wasn't used for any offense which is odd because his college career was good scoring at Kansas. He essentially gave us what Boozer did before. Boozer now, has offensive plays for him. But having Lebron didn't require Gooden to be the top scorer, especially with the solid shot of underrated big man Z. Hughes had a good year in Washington, got the huge contract from us, dumb move because he's supposed to be a scorer but here, he was not and could not accept the fact that Lebron is the main man, not him. Plus the guy(Hughes) gets a blister and has to sit for a month. Wally World should be interesting because when he played against us, the guy seemed to never miss. Getting Ben Wallace is good for defensive purposes, but how does a pro shoot 40% from a free throw line and make his money? He better be THAT good defensively. He should help with new enthusiasm. The other two....West and Smith......will fill their roles. Ira Newble is a good player defensively, Seattle will like that. The Cavs should be in better position to compete with the Western teams if it cam eto finals again and definitly helps them overall in the East. Side note; Drew Gooden and CC Sabathia(Cy Young winning Indians pitcher) from the Indians are friends.....one friend gone this year....CC gone next year.

posted by ravenhater at 03:36 PM on February 22, 2008

The No-Fun NFL strikes again

Run the damn ball! Catch the damn ball and do it all in any number you get. You're in the NFL. Be grateful you have a number, period. Players want to be "individuals" well...you're an employee and there's rules. Grow up.

posted by ravenhater at 02:19 PM on May 24, 2006

Cavs 2

Anyone watching the Cavs, Pistons series knows a change took place, quarter 4, game 2. That's when LeBron started taking over. The man child is averaging almost a tripple double with one in his pocket. Tripple doubles don't happen with one man teams. They happen when the one man team has team members scoring and getting in line with his passing, speed, etc. He is willing the team. Anyone with basketball sense can see it. Sir Charles sounds like a jealous crybaby. He doesn't say too many positive things about Lebron or the Cavs. This guy thinks he can be a state Governor? Charles should stick to the thrills he gets out of losing money when he gambles. As for the Pistons---what a team. Relentless defense, awesome shooting. I'm not surprised at the Cavs, being a fan of theirs forever. We are witnessing a really great player in Lebron. Anything can happen in this series and the pressure is on the reighning champs, not us. Go Cavs! Ask 'ole spot how it feels to eat words! I hope the crow was Sheedalicious. Loud mouth biatch.

posted by ravenhater at 10:38 AM on May 17, 2006