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CBC, Ron MacLean fail to reach deal.

Well, the other thing R. MacLean does is treat every amateur sporting event and athlete with equivalent respect, including disabled athletes. Seems to have sufficient knowledge of every imaginable sport to carry out credible on-field interviews. Lord knows how. And he looks delightfully like Greg Graffin of Bad Religion.

posted by joeclark at 08:11 PM on October 02, 2002

Stuck in Second

The same Hugo Lindgren who used to work at Metropolis lo those many years ago? The child prodigy? Wow. I guess we finally have a proper writer working in the sports field. Where is Howard Z. Unger, late of the Village Voice, when we need him? (Their names are almost anagrams!) Howard could take Hugo no problem, and do it under wordcount. What was that about the Atlanta Braves again?

posted by joeclark at 08:43 PM on August 02, 2002

The Ford Motor Co. has decided not to build a second generation of the Excursion sport utility vehicle.

Wow. This guy can post and I can't?

posted by joeclark at 11:59 PM on July 31, 2002

The NBA institutes instant replay, as expected.

Amateur wrestling now has video replay, too. (I am sure a few gentlemen in the audience would pay good money for the tapes. Imagine the resale value on eBay.)

posted by joeclark at 05:45 PM on July 30, 2002