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NCAA Slaps OSU on the Wrist, USC Still Feeling Groin-Kicked

To the Ohio St. fans that for some reason cannot see how USC fans would be upset by the relatively small penalty the Buckeyes received compared to USC let me make a somewhat extreme analogy for you. A parent discovers that their kid has been cooking up and selling meth out of the parent's home; the parent stops the practice on the spot. What should the parent do next? Call the authorities or help the kid get rid of the lab? One of these universities called the police and got the equivalent of a manslaughter conviction. The other tried to cover it up, and got a Paris Hilton style DUI. For those of you who will say, "It wasn't the university it was Tressell." A university hires a coach to be the representative of that institution, in other words: In all things Buckeye Football, Tressell was the Ohio State University.

posted by booda_lama at 12:44 PM on December 22, 2011

Rick Mirer

I have a real problem with using this statistic, because it clearly penalizes QBs that had longer careers. Now if you take a ratio to Leaf and Dilfer, assuming that Leaf would have continued down that same path, you can clearly see how much worse Leaf was. If Leaf were given Dilfer’s 2952 attempts his score could have been a -7747 compared to -1719 for Dilfer. Given that do you still think the author of the article would pick Leaf over Dilfer?

posted by booda_lama at 03:07 AM on September 12, 2006