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Lofton's Great Shot Lifts Tennessee?

lol what the fuck how was that clean? he took 3 steps, then planted and shot. if you play bball you would know that is a travel. the tennessee travel.

posted by phaded at 07:27 AM on March 18, 2006

NBA Reserves Named:

Z is better than Wallace All wallace is asked to do is patrol the paint and block shots/rebound if thats all Z was asked to do, he'd put up numbers in the same vicinity.. Wallace is garbage on offense.. don't tell me wallace is better and that Z is a role player.. A role player is Damon Jones.. Z deserves that spot.. OH yea... Z is the only center to D up shaq aND not have shaq go bananas Shaq cant shoot.. he just throws up hooks and dunks.. he is good cuz he is 300+ lbs... if shaq was 250, or 225 he'd be soft as shit

posted by phaded at 04:25 PM on February 10, 2006

NBA Reserves Named:

Z not getting picked IS A SNUB! F Shaq.. Hey look at me... I'm Shaq.. only reason Im good is because im huge.. He missed the first quarter of the season.. Ben Wallace is a good defender, but no offensive threat Z is overlooked. He doesnt have to score 20+ a night cuz of Bron, but the guy can. He is an excellent offensive player for a 7 footer, and a decent defender. Easily the 2nd or 3rd best C in the East BY FAR

posted by phaded at 02:52 PM on February 10, 2006

Professional Football Continues to be the Nationís Favorite Sport

Those attendance records are not right. Remember, basbeall teams play 162 games, basketball 82, hockey-??, Nascar has like what 20 -30 races a year? Football you get 16 games. Imagine every team playing 162 games a year, football would dominate the attendance. Basketball isn't what is was, but its gettin better. King James will save that sport. Hockey is not my thing, but still a good sport. I just dont get entertained by 5 goals in 3 hours..zzzzz... College and Pro Football will continue to dominate America. Yes i know NASCAR is the fastest growing sport, but Football is an established product. Every sport has its downtime, and NASCARs will come.

posted by phaded at 07:33 AM on January 20, 2006