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Young lady wins state wrestling championship

I cant wait til the first woman wants to step in the octagon with the likes of Chuck Liddel! Wait I know why that won't happen. Most states do not allow professional fights between men and womend due to the plain ol difference between men and women. Strenght, speed, hitting power, being designed to take more punishment. But I really dont have any problem when women compete aginst men. Most high schools just dont support women sports comparted to mens sports, so if I was a women I would head to where all the good coaches and equipment is, with the men.

posted by NHBfan at 05:43 AM on February 09, 2006

Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May

Has anyone seen if they will change the rules for this fight? I read an article when Gracie went to fight Mark Kerr in Pride. He would only fight if they went without a time limit. He also stated in the article that he will not fight if the is a time limit. If that is the case it would favor Royce big time. As long as Hughes does not knock him out or cut him Royce will wait until Hughes is tired and makes a huge mistake. Royce can fight for hours and hours.

posted by NHBfan at 01:08 PM on January 23, 2006

Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May

Back to the original subject. Even though Royce has not been fighting in the US, he has had several fights in Japan. Both with wins and loses. The point there is that he has been fighting top ranked fighter of the likes of Matt Hughes all his life. And I will have to say Royce will win thru patience. Even though Matt is an excellent fighter, I believe he will be the first one to make a mistake trying to prove himself. And that is where Royce’s experience and patience will pay off. The major drawback to Royce is the new rule set since the last time he fought in the UFC. His game takes a little longer to put into play. But I can almost guarantee that he has been practicing using UFC rules. Also the Pride rules that Royce has been fighting under in Japan is similar to UFC.

posted by NHBfan at 12:50 PM on January 22, 2006

Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May

Reference: Mastering JUJITSU by Renzo Gracie, John Danaher. That is where a Gracie disagrees with the Centralized Orgins Theory of martial arts. I.E. One person or group of people or area created a certain type of fighting style. I can add more if you like. I have almost all of the Gracie books. Yes I know most just have differnt covers with same information inside. Signed: Not just some random skeptic.

posted by NHBfan at 05:22 PM on January 20, 2006

Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May

Was going to say something along the lines of what maxospartan said concerning boxing and mma fighters. Oh, and even the Gracies dont believe there was one all knowing person who invented martial arts 2000 years ago.

posted by NHBfan at 03:20 AM on January 19, 2006