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Broncos Drop Patriots

i def. would not say that the broncos "beat" the patriots in any way! new englands offense dominated the entire game, especially the second half! when you look at the stats, the pats won in every way. brady threw for 340 yards, they ran for 60- the obvious deciding factor was the turnovers- and these 5 turnovers were more like giveaways-not takeaways. the pats defense held the broncos to a total of 266 yards and the broncos run (2nd in the league) was dominated and controlled to the bitter end, with anderson gaining a mere 69 yards. plummer faced great pressure in the second half of the game and didnt even break 200 yards. honestly...the broncos played like shit! lets look at how they scored. the most controversial interference call in the playoffs gave them about 50 yards and left them on the 1 with 4 attempts to score. t.brown fumbles and the broncs put out together their only scoring drive of the game--4 yards. brady donates to the champ baily fund and champ returns the generosity with a 100 yard return through the isolated and empty backfield... then fumbles at the 1 (mind you..another controversial game deciding call by the refs). once again, denver had 4 downs to convert for the td. there you have it...that is 21 points with all of the credit earned by....the pats offense/special teams! the two field goals are from 50 and 37--neither able to give great credit to the offense for good positioning. with all this, think about it and bring this bronco performance to the next game against pitt. unless the steelers come in with a game full of follys, the broncos are doomed with the way their offense played against the pats! and do not be so quick to write off the pats, if there is any team that can learn from their mistakes and come back ten times stronger--its the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS DYNASTY!!! ONE YEAR DOESNT MEAN ITS OVER!

posted by speakingnvowels at 01:49 PM on January 17, 2006