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Lendale White leaving USC

Alan Iverson couldn't carry the jocks of guys like Jerry West, Bob Cousey, Oscar Robertson, And most of the former NBA greats that played in a much tougher league. Expansion and watered down talent have made the league a shooters showcase where ball handling, passing and defense isn't even encouraged. Throw in the fact that traveling with the ball, palming the ball and 3 second violations are rarely if ever called -unlike the way they were called 10 years ago-and you got Iverson and his look a likes claiming greatness to all that are swooned by the tats or whatever. It's all about showing off and playground rules in the NBA. Don't believe that the avg. basketball fan is fed up with the flophouse called the NBA? Check and see where there attendance numbers really are!

posted by longrider at 01:25 AM on January 14, 2006

Lendale White leaving USC

I know I'm ranting here but I want to comment also on the same old tired bullshit coming from the clueless group that always say things like; "How dare that thankless kid for not staying and entertaining me more". Or: "damn ingrates, Hell he's getting a free college education, what more does he want." Or; "Did you hear ( fill in a name-it's usually a black kid they're about to dis) being interviewed after the game"? Damn, what kind of major does he have? Freekin dude sounded typically ignorant to me".....You know what, that same idiot that disrespects that kid I can almost 100% guarantee you has never played major college sports-ever! Do they have any idea how much time the programs demand of the athletes? How many times the kid, after twice a day practices, has to sit thru hours of films of upcoming teams or reviews of his flops in the last game. All college athletes have more than paid the U back for the bullshit education they receive. If a few of them are lucky enough to sign a pro contract, then I"m thinking he's pretty well educated....

posted by longrider at 11:54 PM on January 11, 2006

Lendale White leaving USC

Great choise Lendale. If Bush gets smart he will do the same thing.......I mean, lets get real here, put down the pom-poms and use common sence. First off, why would any of the college underclassmen who have a shot at making it in the pro ranks risk a career ending injury by staying at Bullshit U. They have more than paid their dues. Their playing ability has put butts in the stands and $$- a lot of money- into the Universitys bank. Think about the unbelievable sweet deal that the NFL has going. They have a "minor league"syatem in place that doesn't cost them a nickle. They get to pick and choose from a fresh crop of talent every year without having to reward the College that fine tuned those skills and helped mature(usually) the draft picks to an acceptable NFL level.Personally,I think the college jocks should get a piece of the action from the millions that they are generating to the Universitys. Seems only fair to me. Or would any of you out there work for the "glory and the education" alone.?Yeah, I didn't think so. The NFL should be licking the college's boots for their unbelievable good luck......!

posted by longrider at 11:34 PM on January 11, 2006

How far can taunting go before it's too far?

I don't blame this guy at all for going after these cowards. Ain't it about time that we stop hearing about the tired old excuse that;"the fan paid his money and therefore has a right to .........." The hell he does! I know about all the legal ramifications that the shirts in mgmnt worry about whenever these things happen. But you tell me, how much provocation would you "tolerate" from a loud mouth punk who was sitting behind you while you were trying to do your job? How much foul mouthed and ugly words would the coward have to say before you had had enough. What about mgmnt and security? Are you telling me this couldn't have been stopped before it got to the level it did? I don't for one second think any of us have the "right" to provoke a person with language and comments that would surely send us over the line if they were directed our way. I used to got to see the Raiders play every so often and I will tell you that the verbal abuse that I heard from the "fans" directed to the palyers from the opposing teams was sick and disgusting. How much would it take to push you, the ones who advocate fans rights, beyond the line? Or would comments about your wife, mothers, and sexual preferences be enough to finally understand that no one has a right to say those kind of things in a crowd what he or she would never have the guts to say to a players face.

posted by longrider at 11:09 PM on January 11, 2006

Marcus Vick's downward spiral continues...

Marcus Vick..hmm young man full of life, full of potentials, full of his own damn self probably. Marcus Vick wrong place wrong time you say? Hmmm.....Never heard of that town but I heard of places like bad choices and hard decisions. I've heard that those two places intersect and there have been some terrible accidents caused by drivers not paying attention to the curves and valleys in that area. Marcus Vick huh?.Soon to be multi millionaire. Life already panned in advance.........wine ,women and rap and oh yeah a gun. Probly needed it though to live up to an image. Everything going for him I've heard. Where I come from, nobody ever had those many things waiting for him. All cause he........what? Because he could play football pretty well.......? So Marcus is really the court jester here in this ongoing amusing sit-com. time for the kid to grow up and join the rest of us out here in"real world". I don't give one damn about all the excuses that we will hear for this jokers bad behavior. Where I come from, guy like this would have been laughed to shame for the embarssment he has caused his momma. Man is old enough to go out and buy a gun we figured he's old enough to use it. Nobody in our burg would have one unless he planned to use it.......So I don't give one damn about "oh what might have been" for this idiot. I am however glad that we might have prevented a murder by an overly pampered mammas boy that don't have a clue about what it means to be a good man........hell, who knows...ol Marcus might have shot me graveyard dead if he would have noticed I was the only one not licking his football boots after doing something so very important as scoring a touchdown................

posted by longrider at 03:22 AM on January 10, 2006