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Leominster, as in Leominster, Massachusetts born and raised. The Red Sox always attract attention, and its nice to see that on the west coast, its a tie between the Sox and Yanks as to the biggest draw for an A's game. Leominster is notable for Milt Morin, former Browns Tight End, and having the high school team that knocked off #1 in the nation Brockton H.S. football, back in the early 90's. (Brockton has since repaid that bill many times over) First RS game was 1964 against the Kansas City Athletics WP Dick Radatz, LP John Wyatt.

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Trump's Fed Pick Would've Been Banned from SportsFilter

Well- he is an economist, and he makes an economic argument. Pretty badly, because he uses women athletes to talk about an impact to an entire economy. Which is why politicians should stay wide of sports commentary. Its inevitable that you will piss someone off. And why athletes, no matter how sincere, will always piss someone else off if they delve into politics.

posted by Leominster at 10:40 AM on April 23, 2019

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

OK . hockey game over. Because we don't like him- and thats OK now because.....we don't like him. OK so you don't like what Cowherd said. Good for you. And yeah, I can imagine Sterling going to be having some pretty good legal rep. And etrigan, I call V. Stiviano a girlfriend, and you call her- an employee. right. Who is getting sued for 1.8 ++ by Sterlings wife. some employee. But I bet you believe that she really is just an employee. sure she is.

Yes, you are right about one thing. I think the NBA sucks. Its a complete unprofessional soap opera. Because of people like Donald Sterling. And all the folks who would pretend he was not a problem, until he grew into a huge problem. Who really kind of self-destructed, but then became everybodys instant whipping boy.

I'll take March Madness over this so-called sports league any day.

I got a plane to catch. later.....

posted by Leominster at 10:07 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

cade- that reference to due process and demands had more to the sentence. All Sterling gets from the media and the NBA is his audio tape being played. Because we don't like him- and thats OK now because.....we don't like him.

we can play the slice and dice game all day and night, but how about some complete sentences?

posted by Leominster at 07:43 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

from the Christian Science Monitor: The Los Angeles Chapter of Al Sharpton's National Action Network led chants: "No justice, no peace." http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2014/0430/Voices-from-the-Clippers-crowd-Love-basketball-not-racism Jesse Jackson was there- a quick google image serach has numerous photos of him posing with Chris Paul, and he's quoted as saying "people like Sterling is why we need affirmative action"....gawd, please....no, we need a league, a commissioner, owners and a press corps with some balls.

So yerfat- sorry, I'll quote both those guys, they're both current, have a following, opinions, and detractors for sure. And the only thing I'm really taking about is the complete foolishness of everyone involved patting each other on the back, saying how good a job we did here on this fiasco. If you feel Cowherd is racist, good for you- using catchwords like that really gets you noticed lately in America. But more importantly, you keep echoing the "we can't do anything about it" party line- he's a billionaire and we cant' touch him until we can play gotcha with an audiotape. Great way to run a pro sports league.

posted by Leominster at 07:37 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

well, etrigan...thanks for asking. I guess I'd ask folks to look at a story like this, one that becomes a national one, scandalous, newsworthy, outrageous, all of that, and really start some self-examination. By everyone. The NBA, the owners, the press, everyone.

Go ahead, in the glare of the public eye, a few years back, and say to the world that Donald Sterling is an owner in the NBA, and despite his well-documented past, there is absolutely NOTHING that anyone can do- not the owners, not the league, not players, not the press- we're powerless, its all OK, these are not basketball related, no one wants to start anything- that all of that is pure bullshit that doesn't pass the smell test in the larger court of general public opinion and newsworthiness that this story is now in.

Even a link to a fine story right in this thread- the Dave Zirin article- states, quoted "....Yes, we still need to know why it is the NBA's former commissioner David Stern and the owners coddled Donald Sterling and his racism for so many years.............." oh, ok....well gollygarshdangit, thats the same thing I'm saying here, that everyone has been asleep at the switch, or unwilling to do anything about this egotistical, arrogant, misogynistic, and racist dude for 33 years or so.

I wonder if Jerry Buss ever had any second thought about urging his buddy, Donald Sterling, to go ahead and buy the Clippers.

Ya know, Colin Cowherd today took a chance, as he often does, and said that this IS a slippery slope about how the NBA came to this tape-recorded conversation. And that people feel, generally, that "if we don't like you, then its OK to get stuff like this by any means.." but "if you are well-liked, then it would have been an invasion of privacy..." So we have the NBA, a huge, world-class sports league, about to strip an owner of his assets because of what he said to a girlfriend, exposing his racists feelings, on an audio tape that they got somehow. And according to Article 13 of the leagues constitution, we (might)(but we're not sure) be able to do just that. Well, well, Sterlings prolly gonna lawyer up on that one, and then its see ya all in court time- where all the good stuff comes out.

My comment and concern here merely is.......is this the best way to run the NBA? We couldn't do anything until now? and actually face the public with a straight face saying that? Thats what I was addressing when I said the sports media has gotten scooped by HuffPo, the Nation, probably CNN and FoxNews.

Now I know there are plenty of folks on this blog that are in the sports/media business. And that if they write exactly what they feel, or want, or don't keep it 100% sports-related, they will lose access to the game they cover. But then, when this shite hits the fan, the national media swoops in, gets it all up in a lather, gets half of it wrong, and then drops it when the next scandal hits in about a week.

In my first post, I said that DS was an evil person, and there is no excuses, no defense, and that it was about time. But I took to task everyone connected with this, because it was no secret that he was all of that- and has the court appearances and settlements to prove it.

But by saying that and taking others to task as well as DS, well, some people just can't handle that. Lets keep spouting the old party line, we knew he was bad, but there was nothing to be done until now. Lets get on twitter and yell finally that the evil witch is dead, and hope sportscenter and FS1 puts my tweet on TV.

And the players, along with Sharpton and Jackson (who showed up to protest anyways) can make demands, have them met, and then make MORE demands- and thats OK, without question? really. We now demand a quick resolution. We demand the team be sold in three hours. blah blah blah. And no one calls them to task for such ridiculous, undoable demands. Thats because no one likes Don Sterling anymore, so its all OK. He gets no one sticking up for his due process, he gets no day in court- he gets his audio played all over the airwaves because no one likes him.

Rather than patting each other on the back for a jolly job well done, can't we look at the totality of this whole mess, and say that ..in the future, perhaps we can do better than have guys like Donald Sterling ever associated with professional sports franchises?

And thanks for asking.

posted by Leominster at 06:57 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

and it only took 32 years to get rid of him. very classy

posted by Leominster at 04:35 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

grum@work.........so they get a pass...of course. everybody-owners, press, players, league

Ok, if you say so. nothing to see here, folks, move along....

oh..and wait....and the dude she's photographed with is probably one of the lead groups looking to buy his franchise now..

posted by Leominster at 04:09 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

None of his past actions were so widely received as offensive that they became the biggest sports story in the world for a few days.

Sterling buys skid row property in 2006, states he's going to help homeless, and gets a huge tax advantage saying so. Nothing has ever been built.

Sterling then get sued and agrees to pay a fine of over 2.5 M for housing discrimination against minorities in 2009. He also agrees to pay all litigation costs for both sides, estimated at over 4M.

Sterling receives a "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the NAACP for ....who knows what, a few thousand tickets ......in 2009, and is slated to receive another award again in 2014.

Sterling is caught on tape arguing with his black/latino girlfriend about racial issues, using derogatory comments to the g/f, who by the way is in a gold-digger lawsuit for 1.8M

FINALLY....we have something we can get him on.....(whew).....wow, that was really hard work. Kudos to the sports world and the sports media for over the years doing all the digging, hard work, and investigating NOT. Big kudos to the NBA, the big show press conference that featured the new commish looking like a Romulan dictiating his terms to the USS Enterprise, and big kudos to the players assn for finally coming down hard on this guy for "saying hurtful things on a tape that his g/f slipped over to deadspin and TMZ."

Nothing ever gets better when you do nothing- especially when you don't even try. And so now, everybody thinks this is a good outcome- when the league and media have been sitting on their collective hands for years. You are all getting scooped by Huffington Post and The Nation fergawdsakes...

posted by Leominster at 03:42 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

cade- and Sterlings been offensive for years. Now that he's the soup du jour, everybody's piling on. And now that demands are met, we'll have more demands.

posted by Leominster at 12:26 PM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

Yeah, yeah, you guys are all correct. Now that they've actually done something, all is forgiven.

Now, like KJ and Mason have said, we demand he sell the team. do it now, on our timeline. we demand quickness. Because that kid is almost done shinin' up my Bentley, and I gotta get outta here.

posted by Leominster at 11:48 AM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

yer......that IS the point. The NBA has a habit and history of NOT dealing with nasty issues.

posted by Leominster at 10:42 AM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

So . . . he's grandfathered in racism-wise? What should have been the outcome?

The outcome should have been dealt with years ago, perhaps during/after one of the two Federal lawsuits about racial and housing discrimination, etc. But the media was all abuzz with what color Donald Sterns ties were going to be on a particular day.

If you ignore something thats very bad, it never gets better.

My father-in-law is a black man, who also lives in Inglewood, CA. He, and most of his cohort, have despised this guy for years. He would never be caught dead going to a Clippers game. He and his friends, family knew Sterling was this way for years, and would never support this franchise.

Its anything but shocking to me and other Southern californians

posted by Leominster at 09:44 AM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

If 23 team owners vote him out, he has to sell.

According to the legaltalking heads, Article 13 states that they must have certain "just causes". THAT will be a potential sticking point that Sterling hangs his legal case on. And, THAT was one of the areas I was referencing when I stated "who gets to decide" (before the slice and dice crowd got in there)

Of course, if he does fight in civil court, he then loses all his new-found equity and potential sale worthiness. Maybe ge doesn't care about $1Billion. (betcha his wife does) He could fight for years in court, which would reposition Sharpton and JJackson outside his courthouse instead of courtside, like last night. Because, of course, even though the world is praising Silver for his actions, and almost everybody appears 100% satisfied right now, Al and Jesse still showed up to protest.

posted by Leominster at 09:33 AM on April 30, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

yep, and if you are not 100% on the bandwagon....then somehow you support this 80 y.o. billionaire bigot. WRONG

He's been a bigot for years, paid off a few groups and people a few times, and been getting away with his 80 year old views for years. In other news, water is wet and valet parking is free at Caesars Palace.

And his 30 y.o. gf can release some audio of him being a bigot, in response to a golddigger lawsuit, pose with Magic, service his johnson, and piss off her bf.

Silver rides in on the wave of righteousness, commands him gone, decrees he must sell the team, and instantly increasing his bottom line net worth of this asset by $300M. It was worth 700M, he'll probably get $1B. Yeah, thats a defining moment alright. Todays NBA. He's been an owner for 34 years He's the longest current owner. But they had NO IDEA he was an old fart bigot....please stop now

Thank gawd the Stanley Cup playoffs are on.

posted by Leominster at 08:51 PM on April 29, 2014

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

Can someone follow Dan Snyder around ................

You said it, and that is now the slippery slope everyone is on. What is now allowable? Who gets to judge what is allowable? Sir Charles..maybe the Around the Horn crew?

Hey, there is no defending Sterling, and no one will try. But now....if you have views on lots of stuff, you are subject to public scrutiny like never before. Instead of making him the ultimate pariah, Sterling will be banned, fined, removed, and profit insanely. Magics' group will offer over $1B perhaps. And Sterling was livid that said girlfriend was hanging with Magic, posing, instgramming and the like.

How this tape got made and released is what smells now.

Lets make up some rules as we go along, shall we?

posted by Leominster at 04:54 PM on April 29, 2014