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Doug's Drop Kick

What has irritated me much is how it seems absolutely no one in the press did any research at all on this drop-kick thing, not even actually explaining what it was. The 1941 kick in the championship game was done as a sort of insult by the Bears as they were slaughtering the Giants in the NFL championship game. In the last quarter they kept scoring TDs and using different people for the point-after. On one play they ran for the point (no 2 pointers back then) which at that time was called "conversion by 'variety'". On an interception they scored last TD with 9 seconds left and put this guy in, a vet, to drop-kick. Itw as already passťas the ball changed from the old "blimp" ball to the modern "cigar" shape ball in 1934 (actually began changing shape 1931) After that it was mostly used by veterans such as Potsy Clark who hit the last drop kick FG in NFL in 1937 as player-coach (now Hall of Famer) for the Lions. The last professional drop-kick made was actually in 1948 in the rival (and more popula) All-American Football Conference by a 49er against the Browns, it was atempted after a bad snap to the holder for his place-kick. Look at this page for names, and see how the last known drop-kick FG won a game for New Dorp High in 1975, for the last CFL drop-kick points, for much more. See bottom of page for the drop-kick info:

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