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Top 25 Baseball Innovations

As embarassing as it is, I have to agree with challack. I play college baseball, and I have to say that the game I grew up with beat the crap out of today's games. Jumbotrons take more away from the game than they add. The reason most Americans still pay a hundred bucks to watch a game is homeruns.

posted by gator_2_17 at 04:51 PM on February 14, 2006

Brett picks a coach

Although Farve is a no doubt HOF, his best years are obviously behind him. I think it would be rediculus to let him have any input in the future coaching. We aren't talking about Shaq or Kobe, this is an old guy (sorry Brett). I love Brett Farve, but this isn't his team anymore. He proved that with his play this year.

posted by gator_2_17 at 09:24 AM on January 07, 2006

Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

He proved before this game that he is an every down back... White was just the better tooled back to run against that defense. I'd like to point out that Bush wasn't on the sideline the whole game. He was lined up as a wide out for a large portion of the game. And he didn't cost himself anything. He played the role the team needed him to, it just wasn't carrying the ball. Texas had dime and nickel out there all night. Why not run the big guy?

posted by gator_2_17 at 11:25 AM on January 05, 2006

Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

How come there hasnt been a post about LenDale White? That kid did some amazing stuff in the biggest game of the year. What did he have? 3 TDs and about a million yds. Seriously though, he ran all over the Texas defense that really held Bush in check.

posted by gator_2_17 at 05:34 AM on January 05, 2006