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The shootout, the NHL's guilty little pleasure.

Let me just remind everyone of why the NHl has these new rules and regulations, that being THE FANS, they were not coming to the games because the sport was getting boring, and i'm sorry Canada if you're all about sportsmans ship and love a good tie but everyone here wants a winner because if the good teams are as good as they say they are then they should have no problem winning he shootouts. Now whether coaches like or dislike the shootout its pretty much meaningless cause they're stuck with it either way, now as far as i can remember the Fans pay the players and coaches and teams salaries so its about time we got what we want and come on its the most exciting play in hockey and if players are nervous about it then they should not play in the big leagues.... i'm Out.

posted by Friarfann3 at 01:00 PM on December 30, 2005