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Panthers release Keyshawn Johnson

Question: Who is willing to pay what for Key, and if so, will Key be willing to accept it? I am more interested to see what he would get paid. I'm not sure that if someone offers him the minimum he will take it. I heard John Clayton from ESPN say this may be the end of the line for Key.

posted by sublime4390116 at 08:37 AM on May 02, 2007

Dice-K's Armaments

I don't have a link, but the Cubbies were just sold to a billionaire mogul in Chicago. The transition won't take place until '08. That is a good distraction from the 5-1 pounding they took this afternoon at the hands of Cincy.

posted by sublime4390116 at 04:46 PM on April 02, 2007

Bolts zap Schottenheimer.

I don't really believe that Marty Schottenheimer is a bad coach. I think he is a great coach. But you have to wonder why he can't win in the playoffs. Everyone knows the players have to go out and win, not the coach. So why didn't San Diego beat the Patriots? Everyone said they had the best team, and the best players (as evidenced in the Pro Bowl). So what happened after half-time that lost the game for them? Could it possibly be the coaching that lost that game? Marty certainly isn't making a good case for himself. After New England scored right before half-time, it seemed like The Chargers reverted offensively to, dare I say it, Marty-Ball.

posted by sublime4390116 at 10:11 AM on February 13, 2007

It is what it is

I personally love what Denny Green said earlier this year: "The Bears are who we thought they were!" I don't know if that is construed as trite, but man it was funny. Remove the word Bears, and you can apply it to anything.

posted by sublime4390116 at 10:20 AM on January 03, 2007

Suspensions Handed Out

I don't know who "Wes Upseld" was, but none of the people you ranted about had anything to do with what happened last weekend. Nicely put, Chico. Does anyone really believe that this fight has anything to do with the Malice at the Palace, or any other fight that has ever gone down in the NBA? I know David Stern has to come down hard, but 15 games for Melo (even though he threw a punch that connected) seems a little over-the-top. When a guy like Collins has two incidents in two games, I think he should be the one punished the most. Side-Note: I totally agree that Melo completely embarrassed himself by throwing a punch (that looked more like a slap) and then running away. But, the guy he hit certainly didn't help his masculinity after the way he collapsed.

posted by sublime4390116 at 09:15 AM on December 19, 2006

A.I on his way out.

I have heard a lot of talk about where AI would best fit in. I could definitely see Minnesota (I think KG and AI would work really well together), but I also thought the Charlotte deal was pretty good. They have a decent young team, and AI lives in Georgia (Atlanta if I'm not mistaken), but I don't blame him for wanting to go to a contendor. I could see Denver, Miami, or Boston. But whoever gets him is lucky. Man, does he play hard every night or what? He may not take practice as seriously as say, Michael Jordan, but he is worth every penny on his contract. IMHO.

posted by sublime4390116 at 09:44 AM on December 13, 2006

Tigers' Verlander, Marlins' Ramirez are top rookies.

I could have sworn Zimmerman from the National's would have taken the NL ROY. He had a hell of a year. Ramirez will be fun to watch for plenty of years to come. As for Verlander, I hope we get at least 3 or 4 more years like this. I can't see his arm handling much more after that.

posted by sublime4390116 at 08:30 AM on November 14, 2006

Chicago Plays Rings Around Miami After Championship Party

I have read numerous articles about this game, and each one has blamed the Heat for their putrid performance. Yes, they looked lazy, they looked like they didn't care, they were sloppy and couldn't buy a basket, but how about the Bulls? Does anyone realize what kind of a statement they just made? Hopefully this is just the beginning for what the Bulls can do, but I also hope Miami bounces back. They are a better team than what showed last night.

posted by sublime4390116 at 09:36 AM on November 01, 2006

Tigers Win 3-1 in World Series Game 2

The onus of proof is really on Kenny Rogers. If he pitches in game 5 or 6 like he did last night with nothing on his hand, then there is no reason for me to believe that he would need anything to help him pitch. I just can't imagine a scenario where that stuff is something OTHER than pine tar. Except for poop, which would be great, but I don't think so.

posted by sublime4390116 at 11:38 AM on October 23, 2006

Tigers Win 3-1 in World Series Game 2

Well, TBH, I didn't apply the pine tar, as you have pointed out. But, seeing as you seem to have an opinion but haven't shared it with us, what do you think is on his hand? If it isn't pine tar, then what, pray tell, is it?

posted by sublime4390116 at 10:50 AM on October 23, 2006

Tigers Win 3-1 in World Series Game 2

JMD82, I saw the same series of clips on ESPN (not sure if it was SC or not). There was definitely pine tar on his hand in the same spot for each game. And I am saying it was pine tar. There is no doubt about it. I don't really understand how nobody saw this until now. Usually LaRussa would go nuts if he suspected something about the opposing pitcher. I think Rogers got away with one. But I don't care, because he did pitch like a maniac after the pine tar was washed away, so it's not like he is a bad pitcher without the stuff.

posted by sublime4390116 at 08:14 AM on October 23, 2006

Piniella finds a wallet in Chicago.

I may be the only Cubs fan left who thinks Dusty Baker was the right guy for the job. He proved in '03 that if you give him the talent, he can take it places. He can't be blamed for Alex Gonzalez muffing that ball after the Bartman incident, and he can't be blamed for these crazy injuries (most specifically, Derrek Lee, not so much Prior and Woody because we knew they would be hurt). He might not have gotten to the World Series, but he certainly deserves a shot. Hopefully he will get it wherever he lands. Good luck to you Dusty, we'll regret this decision in a few mediocre years.

posted by sublime4390116 at 09:36 AM on October 17, 2006

Is Branch worth a number 1 pick?

I can't believe everyone thinks Seattle will give the Pats a 25-32 pick in the first round. Was anyone watching on Sunday when they barely kicked their way past DETROIT? I watched that entire game, and not once did I think about Seattle in the SB. They're defense looks good as usual, but 9 points against the Lions? They had better put something together offensively soon, or New England may end up with a #10 first rounder.

posted by sublime4390116 at 09:54 AM on September 12, 2006

Woods keeps rolling with successful title defense at Firestone

It seems like every week there is someone out there who keeps up for the first three rounds, and then all of a sudden they forget how to win. I think that shows the mental impact Tiger has on everyone's game. I saw Cink smiling and laughing before the first playoff hole. That is not the demeanor you should have going up against the worlds best.

posted by sublime4390116 at 09:05 AM on August 28, 2006

Is the NFL Preseason too long?

Not only pass away, Kendall, but also retire early too. I love baseball, and by no means would I ever say that baseball players don't go through physical punishment (just playing 162 games a year is physical punishment), but that is nothing compared to a RB, S, OL, DT, or pretty much what any position player in football goes through. No baseball player retires at age 33 like a RB in the NFL does. I mean, most teams think a 33 year old RB is done anyways. Whereas a player in the MLB at 33 is just past his prime and still has at least 6-7 more years left (possibly, depending on the player).

posted by sublime4390116 at 09:22 AM on August 16, 2006