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Red Sox contact Clemens about 2006 season

Yes yerfatma, i do have some more dirt regarding the astros, dont really know if your interested. There are some rumors about possibly trading Pitcher Brandon Backe and Chad Qualls to the Phillies for Bobby Abreau (hopefully i spelled his last name right). I think that would be a bad trade for us because Brandom Backe and Chad Qualls are getting better as they play and they just started to. Some more dirt is that the Astros will posibly sign former Left Fielder Reggie Sanders from the St. Louis Cardinals. Thats about it, the Astros arn't really that active lately. I still remember something about what Roger Clemens said around July about coming back for a third season, he said that if Catcher Brad Ausmus is not going to be catching for him next season he will not come back, right now Brad Ausmus is a free agent. I dont think that will be the reason if he doesnt come back. I say dont bring back Brad Ausmus, he cant hit but he is the best defensive catches. He has a better chance on getting cancer on gameday than letting a ball pass him and go in the backstop. I think defense is overated, but somebody needs to tell that to the Astros for not wanting to get bats and staying with Brad Ausmus and Adam Everett because they are excellent defensive players. Well not a lot of dirt mixing with the Astros, but have a some more texans dirt. If you dont care just stop reading this because its the rest of the comment. Just today the texans signed former Falcons head coach Dan Reeves as a guide for the francise. This shows how Charley Casserly cant do his damn job right and needs some one to tell him what would be the right decision to make. Another thing is that i am almost 100% sure that the texans will get the #1 pick and draft Reggie Bush, if you dont think so you should have seen the end of the texans v. titans game sunday, they are playing to lose so they can get Reggie Bush (its kind of bad when you see on sportscenter how they go to the race for reggie bush first before they get to the playoff teams and how they did that week). Anyways if your still reading this gives me a gut feeling since i am the SPORTSKING that USC head coach Pete Carrol will come to the NFL and coach the Houston Texans with them giving a big paycheck only because Reggie Bush will be drafted by them. Now if my gut feeling isnt right i got another option, the next head coach is... listen up... the offensive coordinater from the Denver Broncos. Sounds crazy but your also going to think so again when i say this, the Houston Texans will not fire Dom Capers, they will only demote him to Defensive Coordinator. Well thats enough dirt for today, i guess i will call it a wrap. Goodnight everyone hope you understand what i just said about all that.

posted by sportsking at 08:18 PM on December 12, 2005

Red Sox contact Clemens about 2006 season

What's gonna happen in 06? You have a good point there jenny. Im sorry i missed typed it, you understand dont you since the 7 is right next to the 6.

posted by sportsking at 07:55 PM on December 12, 2005

Red Sox contact Clemens about 2006 season

Are all of yall dumbasses. Im from Houston and know all about what the deal is about Roger Clemens. First yall think that the only reason he wants to play in Houston is so he can keep a eye on his kids. That is not the reason you out of towners. He wanted to play for Houston three years ago so him and Andy Pettitte can take there hometown team and their two close friends Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio to the first World Series in Astros history and possibly win it. Thats the main reason not to keep a eye on his kids. Another thing, i hate how they say he is going to the red sox or the yankees. i would be shocked if he did the only place he said he would play when he came out of retirement was Houston, for the reason i just told you about. So Boston and Yankee fans stop dreaming that the most winningist pitcher on the planet is coming back to play for your team. Because on May 1 he is going to sign again with the Houston Astros because he would have a month off from baseball and be still 100% for the World Series. Thats whats good about not offering arbitration to Clemens. HOUSTON ASTROS WORLD SERIES CHAMPS IN 2007!!!!!

posted by sportsking at 05:08 PM on December 12, 2005