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Johnny Damon to sign with Yanks.

"There's no way I can go play for the Yankees (unless george throws a lot of cash my way), but I know they are going to come after me hard(they should throw cash at me). It's definitely not the most important thing to go out there for the top dollar(I need fame and money, well I have fame I need cash), which the Yankees are going to offer me (if they are smart). It's not what I need.(I need a haircut but I will take loads of cash.)" fixed

posted by sgann22 at 02:16 PM on December 21, 2005

Boxer Valuev Wins Russia’s First World Heavyweight Title

damn I clicked the link and I think they changed the pic to that of bigfoot.

posted by sgann22 at 04:15 PM on December 19, 2005

mutombo most generous athlete?

llb the uncoftable fact is that most of the poor choose to remain poor. Ask them they are happy with thier situation. They would take a handout to be better off but not if it means working hard. They handed out cash debt cards after the hurricane what did the victims do? They bought $500-$1000 purses in Atlanta. yeah good job, the poor are addicted to more drugs and alchol than other groups. They make the same poor choices over and over and expect micrales. Who buys more lotto tickets? The poor. They need to learn to make better choices by making poor ones they are chooseing to stay poor. I have worked my way from earning $2400 a year (doing teaching work at a Native American school) to now earning $40000 a year and a home owner. That is the American dream, theres your quarter, in 2 years I should be making $75000. Not rich but getting better, I don't gamble, drink or do drugs, these restrict your possiblies. Can you make it and do these things YES, but it is inspite of not because of. The disscusions started over should a rich person be forced to donate 10% of thier income and that is the crazy thing anyone who feels this way needs to look up donate or charity in a webster's.

posted by sgann22 at 07:11 AM on December 15, 2005

mutombo most generous athlete?

I am no where near the top 1% but I believe in the american dream, if you work hard enough you can move ahead but alas that is not the point the point is IT IS STUPID TO FORCE ANYONE TO DONATE ANYTHING. It is thier choice. no debate, thats it. If you don't like a rich person's use of thier money SO? They may not like your hair style, they don't care and you don't care. Let them do as they wish with thiers and you do what you want with yours.

posted by sgann22 at 08:13 AM on December 14, 2005

mutombo most generous athlete?

lbb so be a ceo. the compaines are there to make money, most of the poor people I know are content. If they are content then they cannot fix thier situation. ant's tooth my a$$, if you take everyone's salary and divide it by all the workers and spread it out, then you lose the reason to work in the first place. another fun fact: spitting out "facts" without links or proof don't make them real. I think the average worker is better off today then even 20 years ago, more people have stuff, but you cannot punish someone because they are rich. that is stupid, it doesn't matter how they got there money, you can not force anyone to give donations.

posted by sgann22 at 09:20 AM on December 12, 2005

mutombo most generous athlete?

ok look the rich pay a higher % of tax than the poor. most are at 45-50% and most of the poor is 25-40%. I am in favor of a flat rate but expecting the rich to pay more is a crock of sh$# and is a step toward communism and if you don't see that you are blind. just because you are rich you are under no obligation to help the poor. should you...yes, but it should not be a requirment. I know people that refuse to work because "they are just fine on hand-outs and don't understand why people want to work so hard" there is how you build a society, which is one of the reasons communism failed, you spread out the wealth and possions and why work? there's the rub. I tip my hat to those that donate not just money but also time. BUT MAKING IT A REQUIRMENT IS BULL SPIT.

posted by sgann22 at 04:58 PM on December 09, 2005