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For Red Sox, Ramirez problem

Too bad, they created there problem! When you want to be apart of the big boys and spend like crazy and then your investment turns out bad, OH WELL!!!! You've already priced out half of the majors, good luck getting rid of them. Pitching wins most championships anyhow, so boston should just eat half his contract and trade him for a stud pitcher and fill in there outfield with someone else!

posted by injury-prone at 04:25 AM on December 07, 2005

The Dodgers hire Grady Little as manager.

Does it really matter if grady sucks or not. The GM needs to get more help. Florida all but gave players away. LA's division all but watched! They spent too much time courting Furcal. Yeah, he'll improve there team, but in a division that so far is just watching, they could have made a dent. I believe Grady to be a good not great manager. That said he could still win the division for them, but that depends on the GM.

posted by injury-prone at 04:18 AM on December 07, 2005

Fire Millen!

Mediocrity rules!!! I'm going for my food stamps tommorow. Better yet, I'll quit my job and collect my unemployment checks!! THANKS CHICO!!

posted by injury-prone at 04:00 AM on December 07, 2005

41 percent of bowl teams miss academic standards

Several years ago i was watching a show dealing with the subject ( The lack of education for college Athletes). James Books-Star running back for the Bangles, who was fighting week-to-week to pay for his rent. He was currently a dock worker making $7.50/hr who couldn't even read. He talked about how his college(If i can recall, i think it was Auburn) would give him courses he didn't have to attend and received good grades. $$$$$$$$ changes most people and until the NCAA really cares, it'll never change. That's why you'll never see a college football playoff system. After all how can a four loss team in Florida State get a BCS game over Oregon. What if the NCAA took the individual colleges out of the equation. Prior to the start of each respective sport, the NCAA makes all the athletes take a general test, those who pass can continue to play, those who fail don't.

posted by injury-prone at 03:54 AM on December 07, 2005

Weak FA Market

Now let's see, Furcal could have chosen between Atlanta, Cubbies or Dodger Blue. Appently he only cares about the $$$$$$. Dodgers will still suck, he should have went to the cubs. He would have gotten what a millon less, but at least they'de get to battle for the playoffs each year, or maybe he wants the money while playing less games. GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!

posted by injury-prone at 03:32 AM on December 06, 2005

Fire Millen!

Millen is at home right now reading these thinking all i need is one more top notch WR and were SUPER BOWL BABY!!!!!!!!!

posted by injury-prone at 03:22 AM on December 06, 2005

41 percent of bowl teams miss academic standards

Look how much money the coaches are making these days. I'll bet most of the coaches are pounding thoughts in players ears to think about there sport 24/7 so they can get the edge on other teams. After all if there team does great for 2yrs in a row then it's raise time or i'm leaving!! Also, why is it that they never mention the percentage rate of Non-Acadimic players. I'm sure that their higher, but some of these colleges also might suck in general and not just their athletes.

posted by injury-prone at 03:12 AM on December 06, 2005

Phillies replace Wagner with Gordon

On paper, this looks like a poor plan(referring to 3yrs). As the Yankees can attest, the answers will be found out on the field. If they get a solid starter(minors or otherwise), then I don't think they'll but hurt at all. If they fill in the other team needs, then every one will be fine.

posted by injury-prone at 10:08 PM on December 03, 2005

Johnson gets shafted for his putts

The 5k is nothing. The fact that the NFL will now make him take pylon abuse courses. Then the embarrassment of telling your family that you have a problem, OUCH!!! His actions are harmless and add to the fun of the NFL experience. After all without the fans there is no NFL.

posted by injury-prone at 09:47 PM on December 03, 2005