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Arlen Specter takes T.O.'s side

So apparently Arlen thinks that TO has a right to have his job no matter what he does while in the work place? Well, FINALLY an NFL team said WRONG! It does matter and TO was out. Really this wasnt that different than the Keyshawn Johnson issue. TO just had more talent so people think someone with talent should be playing....not if they are an a$$. I really wish Arlen would shut up and read what the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the NFL is all about. I really wish he would get the facts about the situation. I wish he would understand that the Eagles began documenting TO back in training camp. Then again, most politicians seem to think they deserve to be in office for life no matter what they do...or dont do either. It isn't as if TO didn't get paid either. It did cost the Eagles a cool million to sit the pain the butt that is TO.

posted by Future at 12:06 PM on November 29, 2005