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'The Easiest, Fastest Way to Become a High School Graduate'

It doesn't surprise me that these types of places exist. Traditional education isn't too much further behind! As an educator for 22 years I've witnessed the quality of our "product" decline, unbelievably rapidly in the past decade. It's not because teachers aren't qualified nor because they don't care. I'm working harder now, with less time, less compensation, less administrative and community support than ever. And, despite the fact that I spend more time at school than the "mandated" 8-hour day and continue my "job" well into my evening hours, my students are not getting smarter! They are getting lazier--yes! They are feeling more entitled--of course! We've allowed "activist" legislators, parents, coaches, businesses to make American education (the most expensive public education around) into an international joke! No child left behind? They are all being left behind when we allow these places to exist and when we trivialize the importance of a "real" education for all our kids--athletes included! We spend too much time teaching the test, worrying about whether our schools are "performing" and our teachers "highly educated" and too little time creating real solutions.

posted by brownie at 02:35 PM on November 26, 2005