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Cavs 2

Barkley has always been a crybaby, he just needs the attention. I think LeBron is a great player, if not the best all around in the game right now, but even that wont be enough to win the series. Go Mavs!!!!!

posted by jonfu at 11:05 AM on May 17, 2006

Sorry Coach my ADD was acting up?

Is there video of this error? it sounds funny as hell, like cassel's 8 second violation. He will never live that down, as long as he lives. I mean that was a cheesy smile.

posted by jonfu at 10:56 AM on May 17, 2006

Nash Must Be The MVP

Nash is the best non flashy, give everyone a shot guy on the court today. he gets the job done. Kobe carries the lakers. Kobe can only hold L.A. on his shoulders for so long, then he will fade out for the year. Im very, very surprised that phil jackson allows this type of play. I was under the impression that he actually had a say in the game strategy, being head coach and all. Anyway, i say give it to Nash. I wish there were more like him.

posted by jonfu at 04:53 PM on February 16, 2006

Piss(ton)ing away a No. 2 overall pick?

Ive seen Darko really play, and if he gets on a team where he is needed, I see this thread disappearing very quickly.

posted by jonfu at 08:13 AM on February 16, 2006

Russian Heavyweight Valuev Returns Championís Belt to Ruiz

a hula hoop for an ethiopian.

posted by jonfu at 01:16 PM on December 23, 2005

"My record was a product of doping."

ok....ok...i cant take it any longer. I was the man on the grassy knoll.

posted by jonfu at 01:15 PM on December 23, 2005

How Bout Them Chargers!

chargers people need to wake up and smell the city water!! Everyone knows if the bears can score 28 in a game they will will the superbowl!!!!

posted by jonfu at 01:12 PM on December 23, 2005

Good team or good enough team?

i remember in 85 when the bears beat dallas 44-0, with a backup qb. As long as they have a great defense, and a good running game, the offense can survive.I think they have a shot at beating tampa, in my opinion one of the toughest games left on the schedule. I also think that if the defense maintains, they can get to the nfc championship game, if not win it.

posted by jonfu at 03:40 PM on November 21, 2005