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Great Skater, Terrible Timing

So rules are rules and she may not be able to compete in this olympics, there is the possibility of the next if she can stay competetive that long, plus she has a couple years worth of world titles she can pick up along the way

posted by Coach_B at 12:39 PM on January 02, 2006

The shootout, the NHL's guilty little pleasure.

the overtime solution is simple, 4 on 4 for 10 minutes, if no score 3 on 3. at least finish the game with a goal. And yes I was completly happy with the trap and obstruction in the neutral zone. I loved the fact that you had to be somewhat tough to get to the net.

posted by Coach_B at 12:31 PM on December 31, 2005

The shootout, the NHL's guilty little pleasure.

The only thing the shootout accomplishes is giving one team an extra fake point to pad their standings with, the goals don't count towards a players regular season total, the game is a wash anyway with both teams taking home at least 1 point. i played and coached hockey my whole life and I love this game more than life itself, I am sickened by the bullshit penalties and the NHL'S attempt to make the game more fan friendly. Fan friendly meaning bringing the game down to a level that a bunch of dumb fucks that are used to watching 200 points a night in a b-ball game can follow and be entertained by a 7-6 game. Hockey is a tough sport, you have to work hard for a goal, some of the most exciting games I ever played in or watched or coached were 1-0 or 2-1 games. piss on these assholes that can't follow it. We don't need Fox Trax, we don't need a puck halo, we don't need shoot outs. we need a game that is played tough and hard and too the finish. we need a sudden death. we need a game that is played all fucking night until someone scores to take home 2 points and the loser takes home zip. this will eliminate teams playing for a tie or playing for the opportunity to pick up an extra point in a fake ass spectacle like a shootout. some people say that playing until there is a winner is not feasable because of the schedule and the rigor of the nhl season. I say bullshit. only the strong survive and thats fucking life. I love hockey and i want it back

posted by Coach_B at 03:52 AM on December 31, 2005

Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center

Speaking of class, How about the Bruins O'connell. He actually called his franchise player and told him he was traded. He was in Boston at the time, get in your little fucking car and drive over to your team Captains house and tell him to his face. Pretty pathetic.

posted by Coach_B at 12:05 PM on December 01, 2005

Moving Jeter or A-Rod to center

The yankee's can go out and get all the high price overrated players they want and still will fail to get the job done next year, It is not the A-rods and big unit's that get it done it is the guys that quietly do thier job day in and day out without patting themselves on the back every two seconds and demanding huge salaries. A-Rod is good, but no player in the history of professional sports is worthy of the dough he makes every year. the Yankee's can go out and find whoever they want but they will never get close to finding someone who holds as much value to his team and works with the class of Bernie Williams.

posted by Coach_B at 11:59 AM on December 01, 2005

Tiger vs. Annika

I think 1/4 of pro golfers are on steroids.... Just a thought.

posted by Coach_B at 12:25 PM on November 26, 2005

1/3 of the NHL uses steroids.

When I see a bunch of middle aged players show up for their final years having gained 50 pounds of muscle like old Barry baseball I will get concerned, until then Mr. Pounds should focus where the real problem lies. Womens Tennis, seen those Williams sisters latley??

posted by Coach_B at 03:20 AM on November 26, 2005

Red Wings' Jiri Fisher collapses during a game

anyone remember the Buffalo goalie Clint Malarchuck, He had a pretty good scare after taking a skate to the throat. that was spooky.

posted by Coach_B at 11:41 PM on November 22, 2005

Trash May Be Linked To Vikings Boat Party

My point is that this kind of behavior is nothing new. If any of you have been involved in a sport and been a member of a high level team you will know that this shit happens all the time. This is not by any means an isolated incident. The big crime here is the stupidity of the Vikings to get caught doing it and the clubs front office's inability to cover it up. I know this sounds horrible and unethical and I hate to burst all of the bubbles of you sports fans who think this shit does not happen every day but it does. Hookers and drugs are common place in all pro sports. Finally for dyams, I in no way personally attacked you so your little comment about my reading ability was uncalled for. That being said I do not hold grudges or take other peoples stupidity personally so you are forgiven.

posted by Coach_B at 09:36 PM on November 06, 2005

Trash May Be Linked To Vikings Boat Party

Also I would like to add that as a die hard Eagles fan I hope they put T.O. on the bench and leave him thier for the next five years of his more than adequate contract. I was pissed when they got him and I can not wait for him to be history.

posted by Coach_B at 02:58 PM on November 06, 2005

Trash May Be Linked To Vikings Boat Party

does anyone really give a flying fuck about the vikings or thier romps with hookers on a private boat, lets get over it and move on.

posted by Coach_B at 02:53 PM on November 06, 2005

"This court finds that fighting is an integral part of hockey,"

The league has always and will always have players who's job is to fight. On the other hand it has always been full of the versitile type enforcers that are more and more frequent in todays game. I can name a few like the greatest enforcer of all time, Gordie Howe. For years he was feared for his ability to put the puck in the net as well as turning opposing players faces inside out.

posted by Coach_B at 12:57 AM on November 05, 2005