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Five men detained, questioned for praying at NY Giants game

I almost forgot to compliment you all on this discussion..... this is THE most intelligent discussion I have happened upon out of all of the discussions I've checked out on headlines that interest me. There is an infinite amount of garbage out there. Thank you!

posted by GBannie at 07:12 PM on November 03, 2005

Five men detained, questioned for praying at NY Giants game

"Sigh...this subject just HAD to get me to subscribe to this place, now I'll probably never leave these boards..." Same here, Masked.........sigh again TBH.......LOL LOL LOL! "What happened at that Packers game was more disruptive and much funnier." Ya got that right, Hater 187. It was all anyone could talk about up here in Green Bay. And you can depend on the fact that EVERYONE had their own special speculation on what occured. I can't get this to italicize without it going into some strange page. Any suggestions?

posted by GBannie at 07:08 PM on November 03, 2005