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2 Eagles players condemed because they love the Lord

I'm new here but wanted to share my view on a couple of things in regards to the subject. I read somewhere above where someone stated that parents and family members should serve as role models and I agree with that 100% but in reality that is not always an option for some children. I would much rather these men/athletes be the type of people that my child would look to follow than some others, such as Ray Lewis or Rae Carruth for instance. At least these two men are rendering GOOD values and/or morals to our children and young adults. Another thing I want to address here is about the subject of Seperation of Church and State (in which someone also posted above about) ..and here are my views on that as well. “Separation of church and state” is a phrase well recognized by the citizens of this nation. Despite the fact that the phrase does not appear in the body of our Constitution or Bill or Rights, recent studies show that up to two-thirds of the people believe that it does. When the 1st Amendment was being considered, before the final wording, the framers of the Constitution made it clear that we would not have a “state religion” in America, a single “denomination” of Christianity selected, protected and promoted by the Federal government. This was the evil they had experienced with The Church of England before they immigrated to America, an evil they intended to avoid by the carefully selected wording of the 1st Amendment. The first Congress stressed the importance of Christianity to public education when in 1789 it passed the Northwest Ordinance requiring the Christian religion, morality, and knowledge to be taught in the schools, and other means of education, as required for statehood in the United States. Many of our Founding Fathers were working on the wording of the 1st Amendment at the time that the Northwest Ordinance was passed. In David Barton’s video, “Foundations of American Government” he tells about asking a congressman, who was also an accomplished attorney, why they could not have Bibles in the schools. The congressman told him it was because of “separation of church and state”. Barton handed him a copy of the Constitution and asked him to find it. When he read the 1st Amendment and couldn’t find it, the congressman’s face turned red and he told Barton that was what he was taught in law school. Barton asked him “You mean you have never read the Constitution?” The congressman responded “We were never required to read it. It is very possible all the lawyers and judges haven‘t read it.” Separation of church and state is in article 124 of the Soviet Union’s constitution. But we are not supposed to be under the soviet constitution.

posted by titiana at 08:50 PM on October 27, 2005