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MLB May Not Let the Astros Raise the Roof

Houston PUT the roof over baseball, folks! Why now, at this last moment, is there suddenly debate over it? When it was 45, gusty and raining (typical Chicago Fall weather before it becomes the frozen tundra beside the lake) MLB decided this little annoyance was not enough to stop the gameóeven if it cost the Astrosí arms some well-developed control that is generally there in Ďnormalí weather conditions for baseball. Letís face it: that was football weather! The Roof over baseball is Houstonís signature to the game. Remember, if you will, that at one time professional baseball all but refused to come and play in Houston because of the heat, humidity, rain and mosquitoes that plagued its outfield. Forty years later, with all of those considerations properly dealt with, why penalize the team for the conditions they were long ago forced to develop? Close the roof, amp up the Killer-Bee Buzz, and letís play some ball!

posted by Texwriter at 12:08 PM on October 25, 2005