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MLB May Not Let the Astros Raise the Roof

Again, let's reiterate the REASON they want the roof's admittedly to throw off the opposing team's concentration and equilibrium (quoted by Ensberg himself) with all the yelling, as it is much louder with it one is saying the fans shouldn't make noise and support their team, but to use tactics to make it above the normal sound level is ridiculous. And unfortunately, this concern by the MLB "powers that be" comes a little late for the Cards and the Braves, as I'm sure it was the NLCS game with the Cards that brought it so blatantly to their attention (however, when Pujols hit that homerun - still wondering if the ball was ever found - it quieted them down a little). And with respect to Bury Bonds' comment about the tomahawk chop ... it is a short-term rally gesture from the doesn't carry on for the entire inning .... been to the games at Turner Field as well as watching on TV, and they usually last for about 6-8 chops....

posted by bravesfan at 09:29 PM on October 25, 2005

MLB May Not Let the Astros Raise the Roof

Frankly, I think that it's annoying to sit at home watching a game, and you can't even hear the commentators because of all the noise from the fans. Not to say they shouldn't cheer, etc., but it's obvious that they are trying to rattle the opposing this the only way that the Astros can win? Open the roof and let's see if the Astros can win on their own merit, not because their fans are screaming the whole time causing the equilibrium of the other team to be off-balance (as evidenced by the quote below): Houston third baseman Morgan Ensberg thinks the difference is huge. "It's a different place with the roof closed," he said. "I don't think they understand when those guys are cheering, how loud it really gets. It throws your equilibrium off. They're not going to be able to hear each other."

posted by bravesfan at 01:45 AM on October 25, 2005