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Brett Favre turns one over ... to a fan

Since they stop the game and don't show security clobbering the drunken clown, why don't the networks zoom in on the cheerleaders for a few minutes. (That suggestion came from a drunken clown in my house watching the game.)

posted by pikkukani at 07:00 PM on November 03, 2005

Five men detained, questioned for praying at NY Giants game

Wasn't anyone watching the game? I've seen drunken fist fights and stabbings at Raider vs.Charger games, where was the FBI then?

posted by pikkukani at 06:50 PM on November 03, 2005

Buerhle throws a gem of a game,

Wait, I have a solution, just give the Angels 4 outs in the ninth inning of the next game !

posted by pikkukani at 07:06 PM on October 13, 2005

Questionable Call Has Baseball Buzzing

I think this is the best thing that has happened to Major League Baseball in a long time. No matter what we say about it, the bottom line is the game is over.

posted by pikkukani at 06:53 PM on October 13, 2005

Coach resigns after high school bans pregame prayer

And on the seventh day, God created the National Football League. And on the evening after the seventh day God gave man a gift called ABC Monday Night Football. Thank God for football and God bless coach Borden. I bet if he was praying to Satan with the boys no one would care about that.

posted by pikkukani at 07:19 PM on October 12, 2005