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The Taste of Defeat

My boy Lidge gave up a few very deciding home runs and one very ugly run in game 4 of the world series but I lay alot of blame on Garner for not immidiately going back with Lidge after the first Home Run he gave up to Pujols. Its the managers job to relay his confidence in his players and he didnt do that with Lidge. He made it evident that he didnt trust him after that Home run and i believe that it hurt Lidges confidence alot. (Oh yeah, has that home run Pujols hit landed yet?!)

posted by AsTrOs WiLd MaN #1 at 01:20 PM on October 27, 2005


I agree. Absolute chicken sh#@. This was so far after the whistle was blown that you just cant defend it in any way. I also believe that coaches should defend their players but this coach has no leg to stand on. Butler took that away when he forgot he was playing pro college ball and started playing some Detroit street ball.

posted by AsTrOs WiLd MaN #1 at 05:01 PM on October 12, 2005