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Owens suspended indefinitely by Eagles

As for TO I think he is a great player,he can make or break a game.Now as a person I think he is very selfish and arrogant. He messed w/the Eagles franchise now he will be scorned for it til he leaves which will not be to soon. Where ever he goes he will always run his mouth,he wants and needs the attention.He will never be happy unless it is only him on the field. So its something we all will have to get used to unless he gives up football,which I dont think will happen cause there will be someone to take him. As for the Packers yeah Farve would love to have a WR like that on the field but do you actually think it would,all I have to say is look what hapened w/Farve and Javon Walker

posted by Deuce at 11:46 AM on November 06, 2005

Will Chad Pennington go the way of Don Majkowski?

I know this is long gone as for a post but yes I remember good ol' Chuck.He was one of the hardest hitting S.O.B He was another legend in my eyes that walked on Lambeau.The thing I will always remember bout Chuck is his nose and everytime he hit someone hard it broke open and started bleeding.

posted by Deuce at 11:27 AM on November 06, 2005

Trash May Be Linked To Vikings Boat Party

Its actually pretty simple here,Moss is gone now so they need to find other outlets to spend there time on,unfortinately its the whole team now instead of just one player.Stuff like this goes on all the time in every sport but it is not usally seen because of the media centering there attention on the mouthy and obnoxious players. Now if Moss was still in Minnesota do you think we would be hearing and reading bout this.......I would have to say no,what we would be hearing is Moss this and Moss that. I dont think this story is ridiculous,I think it is great that stuff like this has come to life,now people can see what things are really bout. I played college ball for 3 years and the stuff I seen at a college level was unreal.I can just imagine what goes on in the pros where it is pretty much a free for all. Many people have tried to show the dark side to sports but unfortinately they were shortly forgotten and its a shame.

posted by Deuce at 11:05 AM on November 06, 2005

Rocket Racing!

Its being done by the same guy who did the sub-orbital space travel contest and as far as I have read it aint a real live event as of now but being done in a 3-D setting kinda like a simulator but the pilots are real. They do want to make it a real live thing but not right now here is another article and the actual site to the rocket racing is

posted by Deuce at 03:39 PM on October 04, 2005

Will Chad Pennington go the way of Don Majkowski?

I remember those days of the Majik Man... He was suppost to be the savior of Green Bay and he did a good job while there but the day he went down will always be remembered by all Green Bay fans because that was the beginning of what I believe as one of the greatest QB's to ever walk on a field and not just because Im a Packer diehard and now its depressing to see such a wonderful career come to an end not to long from now

posted by Deuce at 10:43 AM on September 25, 2005