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Saints skip town.

How about they play at another stadium and some of the profits be donated to help the victims of this disaster. After the tsunami, many celebrities opened their wallets, let's hope as many help those in their own country. If all the pro athletes coughed up some, and celebrities, some get 20 mil a picture, if they all coughed up a mil...just think of all they could help...

posted by Gem at 08:06 AM on August 31, 2005

OJ unplugged by 18 year old.

Ok...1st, I didn't see the interview, but I do have an opinion on the whole OJ thing... 1st of all, he was found not guilty, the reason being the prosecution made too many mistakes. All the jury needed was "reasonable" doubt, and they got it. Doesn't matter what else the evidence said. THEY screwed up, all the evidence they had was explanable..Had detectives and police just shown up on scene, done their jobs, and not tampered with the evidence, they might have convicted him. Apparently no one really paid much attention to the fact that samples of their blood was taken from scene to scene, pictures show them walking thru the scene, therefore allowing evidence to be transported from the scene to his house. Evidence that should never have been touched was taken to his house. This is NOT routine, and it allowed for the idea of tampering. There is a very real possibility that they thought he did it, and decided to make sure they had evidence to show that. Some evidence wasn't even collected til weeks later.. Most people based their opinion strictly on what was said initially. But if you actually heard all of the facts, you would have had to do the same as his jury did. Did he do it? Who knows, but there was too much evidence tainted by overzealous detectives who saw the chance for their names in lights. That is the beauty of our justice system. It isnt a court of popular opinion. If you were on trial you should only hope that jury has the balls to follow the law not just their opinions. With his jury there was too much doubt. All the evidence was easily tagged as planted. Samples were missing, blood was transported to both scenes. A hat? LOL Ya know how easy it was for someone to put it there? They went from scene to his place and back. And they had blood samples with them. Doesnt mean it was planted, but it does allow for reasonable doubt. Riddle me this batman, he has white carpet in his bedroom. He had the foresight to dispose of every piece of clothing he wears to commit these horrific crimes. Yet, OOPS he forgets one sock with blood on it on his white carpet? He planned this so well, so meticulously that nothing else is found, yet he leaves that in plain sight? And not one drop of blood on the carpet leading to what, he carried the sock there? No shoes there, so what he walked back in house with just that one sock? lol It is very reasonable to say, hmmm police carried samples from the scene to this house, gee lets make sure we have some evidence doesnt take columbo to see that its very possible. Or do you really truly believe that no officer of the law could ever try to do something like this? Evidence collected at scenes doesn't usually travel to other's collected and tagged. Not taken to suspects house. If he did this, why was there no other evidence? He had limo coming, he didnt have oodles of time to dispose of clothes, weapon. Yet none were found. And no witnesses. Did anyone ever stop to consider the fact that Ron and Nicole were into drugs? Did anyone consider it could have been drug related? OJ LOVED his kids, no one can dispute that, yet he commits double murder with his own kids in house at the time? Risking them seeing bodies or the crime happening. If you say this was a crime of passion, that he was overcome with jealousy, well that would tend to lead me to think spontaneous crime, happens in fit of rage, not something like this, cause IF OJ did do this, it wasntspontaneous.He would have had to have planned to dispose of evidence as well as he did. As for him fleeing, wouldnt you consider it? If you were a public figure and they were targetting you as prime suspect, and you panic? I might consider running. And as for him fleeing, please,he coulda been out of the country without a trace if he really chose that route. It wasnt a high speed chase, nothing showed him trying to flee, they just chose to over dramatize it. As for suicide note, I dont recall hearing about that at all. Cash yes, gun maybe, but that isnt uncommon either, many carry guns, legally. Again let's just hope that if any of you ever stand trial, you are judged solely on evidence and NOT opinion.

posted by Gem at 10:27 AM on August 14, 2005