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Mike Tyson entering the ring of Pron

well excuse me for spelling a few things wrong, being a quadrepalgic I tend to do that. P.S. Buttmunch you need English also, they teach grammer, not spelling.

posted by Connolly420 at 09:44 PM on August 06, 2005

Mike Tyson entering the ring of Pron

Im gonna say this... Jenna is a married babe. So what is she been in like over a 100 pornos. Now she married to some guy. She hasnt done a porn with any guys excepts her husband on film. But she is always doin cicks. If i were her husband and some BROKE muscle bound, tatoo faced, convicted rapest was gonna try to put 14in in my wife.....Id go in my pants pull out my cute lil three incher and stuff it in his mouth. my 3in would be a barrell of a .357 Magnum. And another thing I tend to enjoy a Mrs. Jameson video every once and a while, I dont wanna here that high pitched fairy- voice crying "oh jenna" ruinging a perfectly good porn

posted by Connolly420 at 10:42 PM on August 05, 2005