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Bonds Done For the Rest of 2005

Fisrt off let me say I dont like Barry I think he is a racises ass. but as a player I respect him. First off the people that dont understand the game or understand what happens to most people as they get older should not post stuff. if you want to go by just stats on one year and another year jsut to make you look smart and think that just because he had a slump year then picks it back up "oh he's on the juice you are the irigant one". think that he was a skinny kid comming out of ASU to become some kinda freak, is stupid How many people out there ways the same as they did when they were 20 you dont think after 20 years your couldnt posibly get any bigger. now if he did it like Sammy one year small guy 2 year later huge guy then ok maybe you could have your doubts. Honestly I hope he never palys again I dont want him to beat Babe would I put him in the same league as a player as him yes But The Babe wins out he could pitch. I am not trying to defend him just point out facts that some people over look. I think it's a shame that all this has happend and baseball is questionable right now. ok go ahead and flame all it just my opinon.

posted by urfreakinidiots at 06:15 PM on August 02, 2005